Microsoft Surface Pro 9, the next version of the removable tablet that pioneered the modern 2-in-1 laptop at the fall hardware event. The Surface Pro 8 had a more prominent display, lower bezels, and a more rounded shape.

The most recent model keeps the same chassis but has greater color possibilities while undergoing considerable internal changes. This year, Microsoft continues with the same design as the Surface Pro 8. In reality, the Intel and Qualcomm variants will have identical dimensions.

The Surface Pro 9 weighs 878g, making it a large portable device. Unfortunately, you must buy the keyboard independently to adapt the Surface tablet into a makeshift laptop.

Microsoft has launched two new colours of Surface Pro 9: Sapphire and Forest. However, they won’t be accessible on the 5G variant, which is just available in Platinum. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t improve the design, particularly with such a large screen bezel, but it still appears to be one of the better 2-in-1 laptops.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Price and Availability

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

On October 12, 2022, Microsoft officially introduced the Surface Pro 9, just over a year after the Surface Pro 8. Pre-orders are already available for immediate delivery.

None of these prices include the Slim Pen 2 or the keyboard. They will add at least $279 to the price:

Battery life

One of the primary advantages of switching to an Arm-based processor is increased battery life. This appears to be the case with the Pro 9, with Microsoft claiming up to 19.5 hours of ‘average device use’ – up from 16 hours on the Pro 8.


Microsoft Surface Pro 9

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 has a processing upgrade over its predecessor, with Intel Core i5-1245U & i7-1265U chip options available.

Additionally, Microsoft is selling a 5G model of the laptop powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. Microsoft appears to be merging the regular Surface Pro X and Surface Pro lines rather than keeping two separate families.

RAM options for the Intel-flavored Surface Pro 9 go up to 32GB, while the 5G variant will be restricted to 16GB. The 5G Surface Pro storage capacity will even be limited to 512GB, even though the Intel version can be set to a 1TB SSD.

Thunderbolt 4 capability has also been confirmed, while Microsoft will continue to use the Surface Connect connector as the main charging port.


After last year’s significant change to the Surface Pro X style and Slim Pen, the addition of a 5G model is a smart upgrade that offers the likelihood of a full day’s battery life in addition to those -all AI-based cameras and video enhancements that can make Intel Surface Pro 9 customers wonder if they made the right choice.