Midnight at Pera Palace Season 2: Will It Return??

Emre Sahin and Kelly McPherson created ‘Midnight At the Pera Palace’, a Turkish drama series about Esra, a young journalist. Will season 2 of Midnight at Pera Palace make a comeback? Let’s see!

This is how the story goes: Esra planned to spend one night in a hotel. In the middle of the night, however, Esra was taken to 1919. Esra was present in this moment when Turkey’s socio-political landscape was changing after the First World War.

This political drama series will be viewed by millions of viewers worldwide due to its engaging storyline and period setting. The show is based upon Charles King’s book ‘Midnight At the Pera Palace: the Birth of Modern Istanbul’. It was originally released in March 2022. Fans are eagerly awaiting the second season. Let us now share everything we know about the show.

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Midnight at Pera Palace Season 2: Possible Release Date

Midnight at Pera Palace Season 2: Will It Return??

Season 1 of ‘Midnight At The Pera Palace’ will premiere on March 3, 2022 on Netflix. Each episode lasted between 40-47 minutes.

This is what we know so far about the second season. Netflix has not yet made an official statement about the second season, but it appears that there will be. The finale of season 1’s final episode is not yet known. It seems like another chapter will be added to complete the story.

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Netflix also brought several Turkish period dramas such as “The Club”, “Resurrection” and “Rise of Empires”. With these factors in mind it seems only a matter time until the streaming service orders another season. If the show is updated quickly and production continues without any problems, then we can expect season 2 of ‘Midnight At the Pera Palace’ to be released in Q1 2023.

Midnight at Pera Palace Season 2: Cast Expected

Midnight at Pera Palace Season 2: Will It Return??

Season 1 cast includes Hazal Kaya, Selahattin Pasali(Halit), Tansu Bircer (Ahmet), Tansu Bicer/Tansu, Tansu Bicer/Ahmet), Tansu Bicer/Resat), Engin Hileri (Resat), James Chalmers and Yasemin Zawlowski (Sonya). Yasemin Sannino, Hakan Dinckol, Ahmet Varli(Dimitri), Ahmet Vaili (Dimitri), Nergis Osturk (Eleni), Clare Louise Frost (“Agatha Christie”) and Ergun Metin (“Fahrettin”) are some of the other actors who will be appearing in this drama series. If there is a second season, most of these actors will return to their roles. There might be some new faces.

Midnight at Pera Palace Season 2 – Expected Plot

Midnight at Pera Palace Season 2: Will It Return??

Season 1 sees Esra accompanied by Ahmet, Pera Palace’s frontman, on a time-traveling adventure. They were able to temporarily jeopardize George’s plans to overthrow Turkey, but only temporarily. George chases Ahmet and Esra (as Peride), but they escape in time to reach 1995. They find a baby girl, and Eleni takes a picture of the baby. Esra is the baby, it turns out. Eleni is in danger. Esra must seek the “portal to truth”.

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We will soon find out what Ahmet and Esra will do next, if there is a second season. Ahmet found Esra’s baby in the hotel bedroom. They don’t know what a truth portal is or what happened to Eleni. Even though George appears to have surrendered to police, the issue with George could still be a problem. If the show returns with a new issue, this and other issues will be explored.

Midnight at The Pera Palace Season 2 Trailer

We have posted a trailer for the first season of Midnight at The Pera Palace Season 2 here. Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet released or reported any information about the series. Enjoy!

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