Miss Scarlet and The Duke Second 2 Update: Let us find out about the upcoming season of the series Miss Scarlet and The Duke, where the main characters of the series are Kate Phillips who plays Miss Scarlet, and also Stuart Martin who plays William, where this is the best Masterpiece Mystery .

TV’s dueling detectives ever return for the final season of the intriguing case set in Victorian London in the second season of Miss Scarlet and The Duke where Kate Phillips as the private eye Eliza Scarlet and Stuart Martin as her. warm friend, where we will be seeing Inspector William “The Duke” Wellington of Scotland Yard.

Eliza Scarlet is the pioneering female private detective of England, where in the era of firm patriarchy, bonnets and corsets, and also solvency for her gender where without saying the other thing we can conclude that she is the best sleuth of the nation.

As far as Duke is worried, he’s a natural born criminal, who is destined for a high post in Scotland Yard.

Eliza was helped by the underground man, Moses (Ansu Kabia), who is the guardian of her house, Ivy (Cathy Belton), protected and also her young friend, Hattie (Jessie Cave), and this it was all with Duke’s help. The cast of this series that we are going to see about them is Superintendent Monro, the new head of Duke and this is the person who puts politics over the police.

Miss Scarlet and The Duke Second 2

There is something that we are going to be seeing Duke take over from Detective Fitzroy and he was ordered to do it, and Detective Fitzroy is probably the most powerful police commissioners.

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Miss Scarlet and The Duke Second 2 Release Date

To our surprise, the second season of this series Miss Scarlet and The Duke will be broadcast on the 16th of October 2022 and that at 8 pm on KPBS TV / PBS Video App.

You can watch this dramatic series of 6 episodes on the premiere date given at night and it is going to be streaming on Sunday. This is the streaming date information for the series.

Here’s The Cast Detail

Here is the list:

  • Kate Phillips plays Eliza Scarlet
  • Cathy Belton plays Ivy
  • Kevin Doyle plays Henry Scarlet
  • Andrew Gower plays Rupert Parker
  • Ansu Kabia plays Moses
  • Danny Midwinter plays Frank Jenkins
  • Stuart Martin plays William Wellington
  • Matthew Malone plays PC Honeychurch

This is the list of individuals we will see about in the second season of Miss Scarlet and The Duke.