Modern Love Season 3: What We Know So Far

More than a year ago, “Modern Love,” the Amazon Prime Video original, returned in August 2021 with Season 2, and is now back for Season 3.

The script was adapted from the 17-year old New York Times columnist and award-winning podcast of that name. It was developed for the screen by John Carney (Sing Street and Once), and is a adaptation of the column stories “Modern Love” about love. Romantic or not. The first season of Having Modern Love was made into an anthology by bringing in eight stories. It is a heartwarming and heartbreaking anthology series. The stories reveal new love stories, some that are unlike any other in the genre.

Eight new stories were added to the anthology series’ Season 2. The majority of them took place in the United States, but there were a few heart-string-tugging entries from Ireland and the UK. Season 2 featured stories about platonic and romantic love, love between friends, love between couples, young and old, loss and grief, rekindled romance and even the sadness of missing an opportunity to fall in love. The show-runner John Carney, Jesse Peretz and Sharon Horgan were among the stars, as well as a stellar group of episode directors.

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We have another season of “Modern Love” Season 3. Here’s what we know about it, including its release date, cast and plot.

When will Modern Love Season 3 be released?

Modern Love Season 3: What We Know So Far

It’s not clear when “Modern Love 3” will be renewed, as there has been no official renewal. Fans may need to wait up to a year if Amazon decides to renew the heartwarming series. This is due to the information we have about the production process, including filming on Seasons 1 & 2.

Amazon ordered the first season of “Modern Love,” in June 2018. We know that Season 1 was ordered by Amazon in June 2018. This means that filming likely occurred in 2019 earlier. The same production was used for Season 2. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Season 2 of “Modern Love,” was renewed just one week after Season 1’s October 2019 premiere. Season 2 was shot in the USA and Ireland, despite it being filmed during COVID-19 safety precautions. The second season’s filming was covered in reports by The Times Union, Albany, New York and Evoke. Season 2 premiered in mid August 2021.

This production timeline is in place so that if Amazon decides to greenlight Modern Love Season 3, filming would likely begin in summer 2022, and a premiere date could possibly be set for either late 2022 or early 20,23.

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What’s the story of Modern Love Season 3 Episode 3?

Modern Love Season 3: What We Know So Far

Amazon is taking its sweet time in deciding whether or not to renew Modern Love Season 3. This means that the plot of Modern Love Season 3 remains unknown. There are plenty of stories left from The New York Times’ Modern Love column that can be adapted, as the original column was published in 2004. This gives the show plenty to work with.

Modern Love Season 3 will not be an anthology series so we cannot predict who it will feature. If you’re curious to guess what story they will adapt from, check out the New York Times column immediately. You can also listen to “Modern Love”, podcast on Spotify or wherever you get your podcast.

Modern Love Season 3 is a slow-paced season of love. You can watch the series again, or read the articles that inspired it. You can also find more Amazon Primve romance series and shows on The Awesome One!

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