Monsters Inc. 3: What Will Happen??

Pixar’s 2001 release of Mike and Sully in Monsters Inc. left many wondering if Monsters Inc. will ever be made again.

Monsters Inc. 1 shows monsters in a different light: they’re friendly and fun, even if they do scare children.

Monsters Inc was a great success because of this. Pixar Animation Studios (Onward), and Walt Disney Pictures released Monsters Inc. There are many good lessons and funny jokes. They also show how humans relate to one another.

Twelve years later, the prequel was released in 2013 under the title Monsters University. We can be certain that Monsters Inc. 3 will have the same success as the original movie.

Will there be Monsters Inc. 3 instead?

Monsters Inc. and Monsters University

Monsters Inc. 3: What Will Happen??

Before we get to Monsters Inc. 3 let’s review the movies Monsters Inc. 2 and Monsters University 1.

Monstropolis is a planet of monsters. Sully and the other monsters have been given the task of visiting human children and making them scream. Boo, a little girl from the Philippines accidentally enters Monstropolis. Sully and Mike, his little green friend, try to conceal her from authorities and return her home.

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Their journey is improving the human-monster relationship. Mike and Sully learn more about each other than their screams.

Monsters University tells us all about their college days, when they were still studying in college. Mike and Sully are college best friends and we can clearly see their struggle as professional scarers.

Will we ever see Monsters Inc. 3 after eight years?

Monsters Inc. 3: Will there be a sequel?

Monsters University Pete Docter, the director of Monsters Inc., has previously revealed that they were working on Monsters Inc. He admitted in 2016 that Monsters Inc. 3 was not yet in production, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it has been cancelled. He suggested that Monsters Inc. 3 could happen in the future.

Monsters University explains what happened before the first movie. Monsters Inc. 3 will focus on an adult Boo and the continuation of the story after the first movie.

Monsters Inc. 3 has not been officially announced and no release date has been set, but it is expected that Monsters Inc. 3 would be released in 2022 or 20, if ever it happens.

The TV series Monsters at Work, which aired on Disney+, has been made available.

Monsters Inc. 3: What Will Happen??

Monsters Inc. 3: Possible Plot

Monsters Inc. 3 will focus on the adult Boo, as well as the sequel.

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The next movie will not only talk about scary adults, but also about how to scare children. Mike and Sully have a good job at Monsters Inc. The sequel will likely focus on their jobs.

We haven’t seen it since the original movie. Monsters University, a prequel, tells us about the time before Monsters Inc.

The Cast

Monsters Inc. 3 will most likely feature the original voice casts. John Goodman will continue to be James P. Sullivan, Sully or Sully, while Billy Crystal and Randall Bogg will be played by Steve Buscemi. Mary Gibbs will most likely still be Boo’s voice actress, as she has grown up since the original movie.

Monsters at Work

While we wait for Monsters Inc. 3, if it ever happens, Disney produced Monsters at Work, a streaming TV series. This is not the sequel, but a spinoff.

This story will feature Tylor Tuskmon (Scare Major) who worked alongside Mike and Sully. The series was released on July 7, 2021. Six months after Monsters Inc., the story is set.

This TV series will also feature the original casts. It is available to stream now on Disney+

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