Moonrise is now in production on Netflix, making it one of the company’s most interesting new anime projects in development. The upcoming Japanese sci-fi anime series titled Moonrise will be available on Netflix directed by Masahi Koizuka.

Hiromu Arakawa, the creative mind behind the popular Full Metal Alchemist series, was the one responsible for designing the characters for Moonrise.

The anime will be animated by WIT Studio, which is currently probably the most popular animation studios in the world because of their work on Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, Spy x Family, Ousama Ranking, and Great Pretender .

For more information on the new “Moonrise” anime series, including the premiere date, cast, story, and any other related updates, read on.

Moonrise Release Date

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Moonrise will be the most popular anime to watch on Netflix in 2024. Character designs for the show were created by Hiromu Arakawa, who also worked on Full Metal Alchemist. WIT Studio was responsible for the animation.

As a result of the teaser trailer provided by Netflix, we are now aware that Moonrise will make its debut on Netflix sometime in the year 2024. The teaser trailer is available just under:

The upcoming sci-fi anime series doesn’t yet have a precise release date or the number of episodes. The indisputable fact that the creators of Wit Studio are diligently working on other anime projects while assuming that Moonrise won’t take precedence over projects like “Spy x Family season 1 part 2,” “Onipan!” and “Grimm” is one reason why the program can be delayed for so long.

Who Are The Cast Members In The Moonrise Anime Series?

No cast members have been revealed for the English or Japanese dubs as of this writing. We anticipate that we are going to find out who will be playing the voting roles of Moonrise sometime in 2023.

What Is The Moonrise Anime Series About?

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Moonrise is an upcoming original anime series on Netflix from Wit Studios and manga writer Tow Ubukata (Mardock Scramble, Ghost in the Shell Arise).

The show, which was first revealed in late 2018, would focus on the lives of two men and take place in the not-too-distant future on both Earth and the Moon.

As a result, “Moonrise” will show the life of two men as they struggle against a number of obstacles in the wide universe of space. The unknown regions of the Moon will be represented with a brand new animation style never seen before in the history of animation.

Who Is Masashi Koizuka?


Masashi Koizuka is a director in addition to an animator. He attended Hosei University and graduated in 1980. The great artist Koizuka makes his directorial debut with Tales of Asteria. He then went to Bee Train Co., Ltd., an animation studio.

Masashi ultimately tackled Robotics; He noted performances and delivery, and after joining the WIT studio in 2013, advanced to become the assistant director and prop designer for the Attack on Titan series. It made its US debut at Sakura-Con in 2016.

About Hiromu Arakawa


Hiromu Arakawa is a Japanese manga artist who was born on May 8, 1973. She is best known for the manga series Fullmetal Alchemist (2001–2010), which was an enormous success in both Japan and the rest of the world. -world and was subsequently translated into two anime television series. She is also known for the manga adaptation of the novels in The Heroic Legend of Arslan in addition to Silver Spoon (2011–2019).

Arakawa spent her childhood on a dairy farm in Tokachi, Hokkaido, Japan, where she was born on May 8, 1973.

She has three older sisters and one younger brother. During her school years, Arakawa often drew books and all the time dreamed of becoming a manga artist.

She spent seven years working on her family’s farm while taking oil painting workshops once a month after graduating from highschool. Along with drawing yonkoma for a magazine, she collaborated with friends to create djinshi manga at this time.

Her most recent publications include Raiden-18, Sten no Kmori (aka Bat in Blue Sky), and Hero Tales.

She currently lives in Tokyo. Under the pseudonym Huang Jin Zhou, Arakawa worked with Studio Flag to create Hero Tales.

On December 10, 2021, Arakawa debuted the first chapter of the Daemons of the Shadow Realm manga series in Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine.