The official Mulligan trailer has been made available. Mulligan, a brand new animated series for adults, will debut on Netflix on May 12th.

The show is set in a world devastated by an alien invasion that humanity has finally defeated, but not without suffering significant casualties. As they work to recover from the catastrophic event, the survivors make every effort to acclimatize to this new world.

In Mulligan, a new animated comedy on Netflixa devastating extraterrestrial onslaught decimated the world.

A different crew of humans now must restore civilization. An opportunity to learn from humanity’s previous mistakes and do things correctly this time. Or keep making the same mistakes in Mulligan.

Mulligan Teaser Overview of Netflix’s Upcoming Animated Series

There are now 1,132 people left on Earth, and Matty Mulligan has been chosen as the next president to try and alter things.

The first look video of the new trailer shows a world in complete disarray. Everything is in ruins, there’s anarchy, and newly sworn in President Matty Mulligan has no idea what he’s doing.

But despite the challenges, he’s doing his best. Mulligan soon learns that control is more challenging than it seems as he, First Lady Lucy Suwan, and the others try to reform society.

Even if we do not quite reach alien invasion level insanity, the clip also pokes fun at modern American culture.

Whether the responses are justified or not, the program often plays heavily into the widespread hysteria of a crisis.

The series frame also highlights the risks of repeating the past. One character recalls a time when everybody was happy and wanted to bring America back to its former greatness.

What is the cast for the upcoming animated series Mulligan on Netflix?


Mulligan’s cast is equally impressive. The cast includes Sam Richardson as Simon Prioleau, the world’s only surviving historian; Chrissy Teigen as Lucy Suwan, who becomes First Lady after having a brief romance with Matty, Tina Fey as Dr. Farrah Braun, a single parent who is an incredible scientist for the military, and Dana Carvey as Senator Cartwright LaMarr, the cunning, self-appointed Vice President. Nat Faxon plays Matty Mulligan, Boston.

Jayson Moody, also known as General Scarpaccio, played by Ayo Edebiri, was a young man who declared himself a general after wearing a dead general’s uniform; Ronny Chieng as Johnny Zhao, and Daniel Radcliffe as rich party boy King Jeremy, a Hong Kong millionaire who partied on a private yacht while awaiting the invasion, are amongst the other cast members.

Additionally, Kevin Michael Richardson plays the military cyborg TOD-209 in the film.