The news flash is that Netflix is ​​adopting the web tune called “Sarinjaonnangam” into an Original Series called Murder DIEary.

And the cast who is known for the famous series Parasite and the person he’s playing is Choi Woo Shik who is very famous, and here’s a webtoon called Sarinjaonnangam which is adapted by Netflix and this will be as a series K Drama Murder DIEary and this will be directed by Lee Chang Hee, the director of Strangers From Hell.

The take is still pending but here are the details on everything that has yet to be said!

The South Korean Netflix series called Murder DIEary which is a Netflix comedy thriller directed by Lee Chang Hee and written by Kim Da Min. so this series is the adaptation of Sarinjaonnangam, which is a famous webtoon.

Production Status Killing DIEary

DIEary murder

As it has already been discussed that the series will be directed by Lee Chang Hee and it will take lots of time since it has not been done yet so we will be waiting for it to come out sometime in the year 2023.

We Know The Plot Of The DIEary Murder Series

This is about a normal college student, Lee Tang, while doing a part-time job gets into an argument with a customer at a convenience store at night, but this isn’t so, something happens, unknowingly swing hammer and kill him.

As Lee Tang was suffering from guilt and fear of murder, one day he finds out that the person he killed was a serial killer and then he realizes that he has the supernatural ability to identify bad people or bad seeds.

He then becomes a persona as a dark hero who really punishes people who have committed bad things in the past.

The Cast Members

The people we will be seeing in the series are:

Lee Tang plays Choi Woo Shik Whom have you seen in the second Netflix original series Our Beloved Summer.

Choi Woo Shik made his much needed presence in a few series after the hit horror series Train To Busan, now many people around the globe know him very well, and also he’s a very important role in the Korean parasite series which is the Academy Award Winner.

Son Seok Koo who plays Jang Nan Gam is well known for his role called Detective Mun from Sense8. Son Seok Koo also starred in the Netflix series called My Liberation Notes, Be Melodramatic, Designated Survivor: 60 Day, and DP

Lee Hee Jeon had a guest appearance in Vincenzo’s episode.