Must Watch Adventure Movies of 2022: Adventures are all the time fascinating because they all the time involve a small amount of fear, anticipation, and curiosity that adds to the joy and unpredictability of the journey.

Adventure can be seen in a wide range of forms in film. It can take on a wide range of tones, with some depicting fun travels while others can be a deep space investigation.

Adventure movies have entertained us, making us cry, laugh, and relate to their protagonists since the dawn of time. Now that we have covered everything important let’s have a look at the best adventure movies of 2022. The excellent news is that some of these excellent adventure movies may be available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

Must Watch Adventure Movies of 2022

The list of Must Watch Adventure Movies of 2022 are listed below:

1. Troll (Netflix)

Troll (Netflix)

A trollled by Roar Uthaugis a Norwegian monster movie released in 2022. It follows a crew of disparate characters who must band together to stop an historical troll from wreaking havoc after it’s awakened in a Norwegian mountain.

Critics gave it mainly favorable reviews, praising the acting, score, cinematography, direction, visual effects and action scenes.

2. Avatar: The Walk of Water (Disney+Hotstar)

Avatar: The Way Of Water

In the movie “Avatar: The Walk of Water,” Jake and Neytiri are shown spending time with their family, which they’ve been raising for the past ten years.

Now they’ve been driven out of the forests of Pandora and into the water by the threat of resurrected humans. To be ready for the coming battle, they join the water tribes and learn their customs.

The movie Avatar: The Walk of Water is visually distinct from any other work because it makes extensive use of motion capture, visual effects and computer generated animation (CGI).

3. Everything Everywhere All At Once (Peacock)

Everything Everywhere Everything At Once

The film is a fun and heartwarming sci-fi action adventure a couple of jaded Chinese American woman (Michelle Yeoh) who can not seem to finish her taxes. It is directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinertalso known as Daniels.

4. Strange World (Disney+)

Strange World

The American science-fiction adventure film Strange World was released in 2022 by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The film follows the Clades, a renowned family of explorers whose disagreements threaten to ruin their most recent and important expedition into a dangerous undiscovered area.

5. Disenchanted (Hotstar)

Disenchanted (Hotstar)

Disenchanted is a 2022 American live action/animated musical fantasy film, co-produced by Walt Disney PicturesJosephson Entertainment, and Right Coast Productions, under direction Adam Shankman and written by Brigitte Halesbased on a story by Richard LaGravenese and the writing team of J. David Stem and David N. Weiss.

6. Warriors Of Future (Netflix)

Warriors Of Future (Netflix)

Ng Yuen-faivisual effects artist, makes his directorial debut with Warriors of Future, a 2022 Hong Kong science fiction action film starring. Louis Koo, Sean Lauand Carina Lau.

The film is financed and distributed by Koo’s production business, One Cool Group Limited, and he also serves as its producer.

7. Slumberland (Netflix)

Slumberland (Netflix)

2022 American fantasy adventure film titled Slumberland was written by David Guion and Michael Handelman and directed by Francis Lawrence. It tells the story of a teenage girl who, after her father drowns in the sea, goes to live with her uncle.

In one of her dreams, she travels to Slumberland and befriends a thief who is part of a scheme to reach the Donkey Sea and steal a precious pearl. The pearl may have the ability to bring her and her father back together.

8. The Northman (Amazon Prime)

The Northman (Amazon Prime)
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The Northman is an epic revenge thriller that examines how far a Viking prince will go to avenge his father’s death.

The mythology of the Norsemen has an excellent influence on the film. Although the film did poorly at the global box office, it continued to be financially successful on VOD and other post-theatrical markets.

9. Thor: Love And Thunder (Disney+)

Thor: Love And Thunder (Disney+)
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The superhero movie Thor: Love and Thunderreleased in 2022, is based on the Marvel Comics character with the same name. In the film, despite his best efforts to find inner peace, Thor must work with Valkyrie, Korg, and Jane Foster (who has since changed her name to Mighty Thor) to stop Gorr, the – Butcher God, than to kill all the gods.

Love and Thunder earned more than $760 million in worldwide revenue in 2022, placing it as the seventh highest-grossing picture of the year.

10. Push In Boots: The Last Wish (Universal Pictures)

Push In Boots: The Last Wish (Universal Pictures)

The sequel to the 2011 film Puss in Boots, Puss in Boots: The Last Wishis an American computer-animated adventure film starring the swashbuckling cat Puss in Boots.

The plot of the film follows Puss in Boots as he sets out to find the legendary Last Wish and recover eight of his nine lost lives while escaping new adversaries who intend to capture him with the help of his friends.