American actress and singer Camila Mendes is best recognized for her role as Veronica Lodge in the popular supernatural teen series ‘Riverdale’. She has been active in her acting career since 2016.

Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, this twenty-eight-year-old actress has starred in a number of films as a primary cast member. She has also served as a voice actress in some animated series including ‘The Simpsons’.

The following is the list of TV series and films that Camila Mendes has starred in:


Number of Seasons: 6

Camila Mendes
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The American supernatural horror crime series ‘Riverdale’ is adapted from the famous Archie Comics book featuring its fictional characters including Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, etc.

The plot of the series is set in the fictional town of Riverdale and revolves around a group of town teenagers who have gained extraordinary powers and use them to fight the evil that exists in the town of Riverdale.

Camila Mendes portrays the character of Veronica Lodge who learns that she can produce poison from her body and secrete it through blood, tears, and lips and can even stop herself from being harmed by other poisons.

Veronica dated Archie for a brief period. She also dated Archie’s rival friend Reggie. Veronica has a formidable career. In the series, the younger version of her mother Hermione Lodge is also starred by Mendes.

Other cast members of the series are KJ Apa who plays Archie Andrews, Lili Reinhart plays Betty Cooper, Cole Sprouse plays Jughead Jones, Madelaine Petsch plays Cheryl Blossom, etc.

The series premiered on January 26, 2017, on The CW with a final seventh season renewed in March 2022 to air in 2023.

Cayote Lake (2019)-

Camila Mendes

This American psychological thriller film revolves around a mother and daughter who live in an abandoned guest house. They live their lives by drugging and then killing the guests who enter their guest house. But when two drug dealers change the girl’s outlook on life, she becomes determined to escape from this bad life.

Camila Mendes plays the role of the girl named Ester in the film. As her mother Teresa we see the Mexican actress Adriana Barraza. Other cast members are Charlie Weber, Neil Sandilands, Manny Perez, etc.

The film was released on August 2, 2019, in the United States.

Dangerous Lies (2020)-

Camila Mendes

Michael Scott’s psychological thriller film ‘Dangerous Lies’ stars Mendes in the lead role of young married Katie. Katie and her husband are struggling with their financial condition.

Katie gets a job as a carer for an elderly man named Leonard. And when the man dies, it’s found that he left all his possessions to Katie. But rather than making their lives smoother, it plunged Katie into a web of murder and lies.

Along with Mendes as Katie, other cast members starring in the film are Jessie T. Usher, Jamie Chung, Cam Gigandet, Sasha Alexander, Elliott Gould, etc. The film was released on April 30, 2020, on Netflix.

Do Revenge (2022)-

Take Revenge

This upcoming film is a black comedy film by Jennifer Kaylin Robinson whose plot is inspired by the 1951 psychological thriller film ‘Strangers on a Train’ directed by the influential filmmaker Hitchcock.

The plot revolves around two highschool students who bond with one another after being estranged after some unfortunate incidents. One of the two girls Drea finds out her topless video is out and the other girl Eleanor finds herself centered on a rumor that she tried to kiss a girl. As the two girls become friends, they decide to take down one another’s bullies.

Mendes plays the role of Drea in the film alongside Maya Hawke as Eleanor. The film was released on September 16, 2022, on Netflix.

The Perfect Date (2019)-

The Perfect Date

Chris Nelson’s youth romantic comedy film ‘The Perfect Date’ is adapted from the 2017 novel ‘The Stand-In by Steve Bloom’. The plot of the film revolves around a young man who tries to arrange money and extracurricular achievements to enter the school of his dreams.

Along the way, he realizes that he has a knack for becoming a perfect stand-in. But when he starts the business of selling himself as a plus-one, he finds many challenges along the way.

Camila Mendes plays a lady named Shelby Pace who is the lady of Brooks’ dreams. ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ famous Noah Centineo stars as Brooks Rattigan in the film.

Other cast members are Laura Marano, Matt Walsh, Joe Chrest, Odiseas Georgiadis, Carrie Lazar, Alex Biglane, etc. The film was released on April 12, 2019, in the United States.