We will know about the cast release date and other details about this animated movie called My Father’s Dragon.

Cartoons Saloon is widely viewed as the best feature animation studio, and this is an award-winning film producing films such as The Secretes Of Kells, The Breadwinner, Wolfwalkers, and Song of the Sea.

And now there will be the latest award-winning company to return with the latest upcoming project that clearly deserves another nomination.

So this is the film My Father’s Dragon which is an animated adventure film of duty this is an extract from a book of the same name By Ruth Styles Gannett.

The updated information is here all about this upcoming movie and we will all know here!

The story or plot for this movie goes like this a few little boy, who leaves the city of Nevergreen and starts his journey to a mysterious wild island, in that island, he finds animals ferocious and also friendship for life everything we will learn here is about the animation film really makes us learn several morals.

My Father’s Dragon Release Date

My Father's Dragon

The animated film My Father’s Dragon revolves around a family, showing love and keenness for the family, and this is based on a kids’s book that you can watch the film with your family and kids. And this is a well made and heartfelt film that contains several values.

My Father’s Dragon will be released on November 11, 2022 and in a few days, we will be watching this animated film released on Netflix.

Voice Cast and Characters

My Father's Dragon

Initially, above all we are here to know about the caste of this movie:

Elmer Elevator by Jacob Tremblay
Boris the Dragon by Gaten Matarazzo
Cornelius the Crocodile by Alan Cumming
Elmer from Mary Kay Place
Cat by Whoopi Goldberg
Soda the Whale by Judy Greer
Iris the Rhinoceros by Dianne Wiest
Kwan the Macaque by Chris O’Dowd
Saiwa the Gorilla by Ian McShane
Dela Elevaror from Goldshifteh Farahani
George the Tiger by Spence Moore II
Sasha the Tiger
McClaren by Rita Moreno
Tamir the Tarsier by Jackie Earle Haley

This movie is among the best 2D animated movies which is really based on the 1948 Children’s Fantasy Novel.