Are you all looking forward to the upcoming My Hero Academia chapter 381? If so, then we are both in the same situation.

The fans of the series are really keen to discover what will occur next in the next chapter after an incredible chapter 380, where we learned about some incredible action scenes.

So, here in this post, we will discuss everything related to the upcoming chapter 381 of My Hero Academia.

As the students of Shiketsu High School made a successful comeback at the end of the last issue, fans were very excited to see Shigaraki and Midoriya fight in their final battle.

The anticipation to see how the entrance of Shiketsu students will impact All For One is shared by both parties. As of now, there are not any confirmed spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 381, so fans cannot find out about any situation.

Fans now have access to the official release information of the highly anticipated upcoming issue, and spoiler information is anticipated to begin leaking in the following days.

In this post, we’ll have a look ahead to My Hero Academia Chapter 381 and speculate on what we can expect from the next chapter based on the information we have so far.

My Hero Academia Chapter 381 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 381
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There will be no break next week. Therefore, on Sunday, February 26, 2023, as scheduled, My Hero Academia Chapter 381 will be available.

This means that almost all readers around the globe will have the ability to get the issue on Sunday, February 26, sometime during the day.

The issue will be distributed to a select group of readers internationally on February 27 in the early morning hours, including Japanese audiences. The exact release time will vary by location and time zone.

What To Expect From My Hero Academia Chapter 381?

My Hero Academia Chapter 381
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My Hero Academia chapter 381 will most likely continue to emphasise how the presence of Shiketsu’s students changed the situation.

It will soon become clear that the larger student population of the school is assisting in all the battlefields, even although Camie, Shishikura, and Inasa have all arrived at the Gunga Mountain battlefield.

After that, it’s anticipated that the fight will shift its focus to either Endeavor against Dabi or to Inasa and the other students of Shiketsu against All For One, as Hawks appear to be practically useless in this point.

Since it is a long story and a fight involving Pro Heroes, an emphasis on the previous seems more likely.

Last but not least, My Hero Academia chapter 381 can show students from more high schools of the Hero Course, such as Ketsubutsu Academy, join the battle.

If that does not occur, however, readers can expect the final pages of the issue to focus on Endeavor and Dabi before moving on to Midoriya and Shigaraki.

Recap Of Chapter 380

My Hero Academia chapter 380
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The beginning of My Hero Academia chapter 380 had La Brava restarting the UA security system just in time for Gentle Criminal’s Quirk to work. However, he ensured that Gentle’s recordings being watched by selected students in the business courses were broadcast globally before the mission ended.

La Brava claimed that everybody needed to witness how astonishing Gentle was, while the students argued that they should record this fight on video so that the Heroes have a better public image.

The Twice clones then forced Aizawa out of the UA flying coffin as the chapter came to a close. Mic, in the present, tried to stop him, but Kurogiri kept grumbling, and the two fell into a portal. The Heroes had lost so much to Destruction.

All For One revealed (at Gunga Mountain) that he could still take over Shigaraki’s body during the fight between Deku and Shigaraki, which was being recorded by the support course students.

To do this, he needed to get to Shigaraki’s body, but Hawks, who had sworn to end All For One, prevented him from flying there by attacking him and destroying his body.

On the other hand, it turned out that Hawks was really Camie Utsushimi, together with Seiji Shishikura and Inasa Yoarashi. This marked the conclusion of chapter 380 of My Hero Academia.

Where Can You Read My Hero Academia Chapter 381?

My Hero Academia Chapter 381

Fans of “My Hero Academia” can read the issue on Viz Media’s official website, the free MANGAPlus service offered by Shueisha, or the Shonen Jump+ app, which is available for purchase through Shueisha.

Readers can watch the first and last three issues of the series for free at MANGAPlus and the I mean the Media website. In contrast, readers can access a series in its entirety through the paid subscription service Shonen Jump+.