My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7 was released on November 12 Globally. Paranormal Liberation and Pro Heroes are now in conflict, even though only the latter should be concerned about their reputation. Shigaraki and his followers are savage agents of chaos destined to transform society, but the public has little faith in them.

Alternatively, the Pro Heroes have an unstated agreement with the people in which they’re trusted to right wrongs and preserve the city if it’s in Ruin.

Unfortunately, “Disaster Walker” puts the hero under stress, and as the phrase above captures, if they cannot free Shigaraki, none of their efforts have ever really mattered.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7 Explained

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7
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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7, Disaster Walker, begins with media helicopters picking up damage in Jaku City and connecting it to the attack on Deika. While Toshinori and Eri kept an eye on the news, the families of Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki went about their daily lives,

Shigaraki is ready to resist the attacks of Endeavor and Ryukyu in Jaku City despite his quirks being shut down by Aizawa. However, Endeavor’s surprise at seeing the Nomus leads the villain to disclose that he set up Decay to disregard the Nomus capsules.

Shigaraki casually stated how he could not save all the Nomus in the scene, which offered an interesting take on the battle.

Shigaraki had even used radio waves to control the current voltage, making the Nomus brighter, according to an overjoyed Garaki. Although these Nomus couldn’t think for themselves, they were the closest to the High-Ends.

The villain continued to escape from Endeavor’s attacks, but when he realized that Aizawa was hindering him, he changed direction to kill him. The episode is another example of Aizawa’s protective attitude towards his students, with the disabled teacher defying Shigaraki knowing that his death would remove the hero’s only lead on the villain.

Realizing the gravity of their problem, Endeavor refrained from asking Deku and Bakugou any more questions, instead urging them to help Aizawa. He told Bakugou to defend Deku because the villain was interested in Deku, not the other young man.

Shigaraki dodged the attacks of Gran Torino and Endeavour, and headed towards Deku. However, the OFA bearer posed as bait as Bakugou hit Shigaraki from behind, causing a huge explosion. Deku then launched an attack, knocking the villain away from Endeavour, allowing the hero to unleash a flaming punch on Shigaraki.

Gigantomachia began carrying the initial members of the League of Villains on his back. Despite Skeptic’s concerns about his responsibilities to safeguard Re-Destro, Dabi accompanied them.

Midnight gathered the scared student heroes who constituted the rearguard of Team Edgeshot in My Hero Academia season 6, episode 7. Then, midnight ordered Momo Yaoyorozu to produce sedatives and distribute them to the other heroes after they saw her leadership and decision-making abilities.

She made a passing reference to the indisputable fact that what she was about to do was illegal, and advised the kids to run away if the situation became untenable. My Hero Academia season 6 episode 7 concluded with Yaomomo taking command and giving orders to her students in preparation for the capture of Gigantomachia.


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7
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Another excellent episode, My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7 built on the topics covered in Season 5 to reward devoted fans while providing enough dramatic moments to drive the plot along.