My Name is Vendetta is the upcoming crime thriller Netflix which will be released in the month of November. The crime thriller story revolves around a mafia member and his daughter who for some reason flee their country but decided to take revenge on the enemies who were responsible for their departure.

Therefore the story of Isimni Vendetta will be somewhat about how the father-daughter duo will have the ability to take their revenge and in what ways they will be taking it.

So, to know every update about this upcoming thriller on Netflix keep reading this article till the end!!!!

The release date of My Name is Vendetta:

My name is Vendetta

This Netflix crime thriller called My Name is Vendetta will be released on Netflix on November 30, 2022.

Is there an official trailer?

Yes obviously there’s an official trailer available for this crime thriller on Netflix to offer you an idea of ​​what it is going to be about.

In case you haven’t checked the trailer for the same yet click on the link below so you can decide if you’re ready to give it a watch or not.

Who will be in the cast of the Movie?

My name is Vendetta

We will be seeing the actors listed below as cast members in this crime trailer on Netflix:

• Alessandro Gassmann
• Remo Girone
• Sign Dieks
• Alessio Praticò
• Gabriele Falsetta
• Ginevra Francesconi

What will be the plot of the movie?

My name is Vendetta

As mentioned above the story of this crime thriller will revolve around a father-daughter duo. The father is largely an ex-criminal and now the family has moved to a new place and commenced living their normal life again but the memories of the past made the criminal restless.

The memories of the past were rekindled when two criminals entered their home and brutally killed Sofia’s mother in addition to her uncle, thus leading to a money settlement that has been simmering for more than 20 years.

And throughout history, some things happened that made the father-daughter duo avenge their enemies that made them leave their country.

The story of the series will show how difficult it’s to escape from a mafia family. The whole story will be about what made them take revenge and in what way they will be taking revenge.

I hope that by now you’ll be clear whether you’ll watch it or not and even if you still have confusion then please go have a look at the trailer!!!

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