In a shocking update, the popular American actress Nathan Chasing Horse has been further accused and arrested in a case of as*x abuse, and not only that, further investigations revealed that he’s the head of a cult known as The Circle.

Various reports suggest that the police started an investigation last year in October after a tip-off and after three months, they had enough evidence to enter Nathan’s house where they found him with his five other wives.

Nathan was known as a medication man in numerous groups and tribes in the United States and Canada, he actively organized ceremonies and social gatherings of the Native Americans.

Nathan Chasing Horse Arrested After S*x Trafficking Abuse.

Nathan Comes after a horse

Now the list of his bad deeds is quite long, the police reported that he deceived women of all age groups and specially young people, he took sexual favors in the name of healing, he also married girls at the age of 15 years. and 16 which is against the law.

The Police also claimed that he was involved in an unnatural sexual act, assaulted girls and even recorded pornographic videos of the incidents, in addition he offered girls to his clients for large money.

An important incident to note is that he was accused of human trafficking in 2015 but escaped after the allegations. Talking about his acting career, he made his acting debut in 1990 with Oscar winning American epic film Dances With Wolves as the character Young Sioux, he also did several television series such as Dreamkeeper and his last appearance was in the tv series Bury My Heart in 2007. at Wounded Knee.

More details about the scandal are yet to emerge but there’s already enough evidence to keep Horse behind bars for a long time.