Shacanger Isabel Mebsee you Ripoll (born February 2, 1977), known professionally how Shakeanger, it’s a Colombian a singer, a songa writer, a dancer, producer, and a philanthropistist.

Her advancement he entered with her the fourth album, Están Loss Ladearlier. (1998), and her epanonymous lead alone, that completed a lot charts all over the world.

Shacanger‘s success it was solidified with her the fifth and the sixth albums Fijbyeón Oral, Vol. 1 and Oral Fix itaction, Hi they entered the Englishlanguage market with her the eighth album, Laundry Service.

Shakira: Relationship Status


How gave 2021, Shakeangers relationship status it’s alone. Shacanger it was earlier in a longterm relationship with Spanish football player Gerard Pique. the a couple he started dating in 2010 and have two kids together.

Phil January 2021, this it was reported that the a couple he had divided afterwards 10 years together. Although Shakeanger it’s no longer in a relationship with Pquit’s, the two they stay on good terms for the sake gave theirs kids.

Shakeanger it’s focused on her career and her kids in the a moment and it’s no actively searching for for a new relationship.

Net Worth

Entertainment Weekly

Shacanger it’s a Columbian a singer, a songa writer, a dancer, record producer, choreographer, and an actress. How gave 2021, Shakeanger‘s net worth it’s $400 million. Born and woke up in Barit lastedquill, Colombia, Shakeanger he started carry out in school musicals and dance exhibitions in a young people age.

Hi signed her first record deal with with Sony Music Colombia in the age gave 13. Her selftlead the debut album it was released in 1996 and achieved moderate success in Latin America.

Shacanger‘s advancement he entered with her the second album,¿ Están los Ladearlier?‘, that it was released in 1998.

the album it was a commercial and criticism success, sale on 4 million copies all over the world and earnings Shakeanger a Grammy Award for The best Latin Pop Album. Shacanger achieved global success with her the third album,Laundry Service, that it was released in 2001.

the album sold on 13 million copies all over the world and beginning the hit singlesWhenever, Wherever andBelowneat Yours Clothes. Shacanger she has released a total gave 10 studio albums, included her the most recent,El Dorado, that it was released in 2017. Hi she has sold on 75 million records all over the world.

Previous Projects


The first Shakira obtained recognition in Latin America with her 1998 the debut album Magia, and she achieved commercial success in Latin America with her 2001 album Laundry Service.

Her 2006 album Oral Fix itaction, Vol. 2 completed the Billboard 200 and beginning the hitsHips Don‘t Lies andBeautcrowded Thatar“. Shakeanger‘s success it was more strengthened from her collaborations with Wyclef Jean and Alejandro Stz.

she has it was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Phil 2013, she it was classified how the 58th the most strong a lady in the world from Forbes.