For the second time in a year, Netflix’s global fan event TUDUM premiered earlier this week on September 24, 2022. The program featured some intriguing revelations, announcements, and a first look at works soon to be released on the streaming service. This virtual event is even bigger than the first one from the previous year.

During five events that took place in a 24-hour period, Netflix provided its subscribers with exclusive trailers, clips, and announcements for more than 120 television shows, movies, and video games.

The event offered tons of great announcements and first glimpses for fans to enjoy, including those for Alice in Borderland, Stranger Things, The School for Good and Evil, Wednesday, Outer Banks, Bridgerton, The Witcher, Slumberland , Enola Holmes 2, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, and Emily in Paris, to name only a few of the various Netflix episodes and films scheduled to be shown.

Listed below are some of the most enjoyable event reveals and first hints.

Netflix Shows And Movies Announced In TUDUM


As you continue through the article, you can learn more about each of the following events that occurred during the event:

  1. Preview For “They Cloned Tyrone
  2. Trailer For Enola Holmes 2
  3. Title of Bridgerton Season 3
  4. Queen Charlotte’s First Look
  5. Teaser Trailer For The Movie Heart Of Stone
  6. Release Date And Trailer For The Third Season Of Emily In Paris
  7. Shadow And Bone Cast Talks About Upcoming Season
  8. Exclusive Clip Revealed From Slumberland
  9. Wednesday Sneak Peek Video
  10. Trailer For Season 4 Of The Manifesto
  11. Release Date For The Crown Season 5
  12. The Fourth And Final Season Of Never Ever Evercast Teaser
  13. Title Information And Release Date For Recruit
  14. Official Release For Post or Mini
  15. Teaser For Lupine Part 3
  16. Behind the Scenes Footage From Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio
  17. Exclusive Preview For Mom
  18. Exclusive behind the scenes featurette For Entergalactic
  19. Release Date And Teaser For You season 4
  20. Trailer For The Destroyer
  21. Official Release For The Witcher: Bloodline
  22. Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Preview
  23. Sneak Preview For The Redeem Team
  24. Issue Date For 1899
  25. Blooper Reel For Foreign Affairs 4
  26. An inside look at extraction 2
  27. The Witcher Season 3 Release Updates
  28. Dead To Me Final Season Worldwide Release Date
  29. Netflix Finally Adds Heartstopper Profile Symbols
  30. Sneak Preview Of The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
  31. Release Info And First Look Of Outer Banks Season 3
  32. Video Clip From School For Good And Bad

Trailer For Enola Holmes 2

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Enola Holmes, was the first guest to arrive at Tudum’s event. She did so in order to give us a sneak peek at the second part of the Enola Holmes series, which will have the first official trailer released in November of this year.

Bridgerton Season 3 Premiere Title Revealed

No Tudum would ever be complete without the Bridgerton cast tricking the audience in some way! While we weren’t able to get a first look at the upcoming season, we did get a preview of the first column of Lady Whistledown’s third season. Oh, and we also learned the name of the season premiere episode.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date And Trailer

The third season of Emily in Paris will be released on December 21, 2022, according to a new announcement from Netflix made through Tudum. We were also given the first trailer for the upcoming season in addition to the release date.

The Umbrella Academy Blooper Reel For Season 3

Fans of The Umbrella Academy were treated to a new blooper reel full of fun outtakes from the third season, even if there was nothing new to disclose about the upcoming fourth and final season of the show.

The Redeem Team Sneak Peek

Fans will have the opportunity to learn the untold story of the 2008 United States Olympic men’s basketball team, captained by Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James. in the upcoming documentary The Redeem Team.

Fans can watch a preview clip of the documentary that was presented at Tudum before it was released.

The Mom Exclusive Teaser

Netflix has given us our first look at Jennifer Lopez’s new film, The Mother, which will not be released until May 2023 but is a few deadly assassin who comes out of hiding to save the daughter she abandoned after the disaster of Tudum years before.

Stranger Things 4 Blooper Reel

The most popular show on Netflix, “Stranger Things”, was chosen to close the US section of the event.

Although there were no hints about what will occur in the last season of the show, we received a funny blooper video of season 4.