Ever After Country Updates: An upcoming docuseries featuring country singer Coffee Anderson and his life partner Priscilla Anderson as they navigate the trials and tribulations of their lives by sheltering one another in one another’s arms. With three young kids, the power couple is coping with Criscilla’s cancer diagnosis.

Anderson took to Instagram to share a photo with wife Priscilla.Made it to Spain to accompany this champion for treatments this week. She is so positive, so focused, and excited for a new week of treatments.

These treatments will test the body and mind. That’s where I come in” bookmarking it with the lyrics of one of his songs “I’ll be the tacos, she’ll be the Margaritas. We are a team”

A little background to their lives

Priscilla was a budding actress, choreographer and dancer who even made it to the screen in Katy Perry and Rihanna’s music videos while Coffey he was a man with musical talents who led worship at church events and had his first independent foray into country music; irrespective of any record label.

While both were vocationally invested in life, they met for the first time in a church through some mediators and shortly started dating in 2008. A year later they professed their love for one another before tying the knot in the same year.

Defying the odds that their genders are poles apart, their love truly exploded through thick and thin, and kept them together.

Country Ever After
Image Source: Daily Mirror

Coffey’s career took off and she took on the role of step-mother to his daughter from his previous marriage, they welcomed their first born in 2011 after two daughters in 2013 and 2017 continued to extend their family.

Her health began to decline in 2018 when she was first diagnosed with what she reported to be stage 4 metastatic colon cancer in November 2019 when it turned out to be “ treatment, but not curable”.

Her relationship with Coffey was put to the test but he claimed that “ we are willing to do it for each other. Each of us is giving 100 percent”, who had already lost his mother to the same disease at the age of 10.

Beyond the great pain, the mother of three kids was enough to put a smile on her face when ” there came a point when I couldn’t ignore it anymore”

When can we stream Country Ever After on Netflix?

The interwoven reality series about love, faith, strength through life-threatening Cancer, which also offers a look at contrasting personalities that impact their upbringing will be featured in this the 6th of November.th.

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