Ratched Updates: Netflix ‘Ratched’ was maniacally famous as it tells the exit of Nurse Ratched from the well-known story ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. The show stars Sarah Paulson who has recently been in virtually everything and never gives up.

More particularly, as a character that returns on ‘American Horror Story’ every chapter, while never discouraged and from the day we saw the trailer of ‘Nurse Ratched’, we knew it was flawless!

Of course, Netflix knew this too when they cast it. To celebrate her amazing performance, they unveiled a video showing 7 reasons why Sarah Paulson is “Badass” in the series!

Ratched: Why is Sarah Paulson Perfect?

The series has cast some of the most popular actors who captivatingly take the narrative further. Ratched nominates Sarah Paulson and Finn Witt rock as main characters as relatives whose actions flatten the story. The show also stars Primetime Emmy Award winner Cynthia Nixon as Gwendolyn, Mildred’s love interest.

Another famous person cast is Corey Stoll who acts as Charles Wainright. Stoll is known for his character as Darren Cross in the MCU film, Ant-Man.

Another star to join the series is BAFTA award winner Judy Davis who plays Nurse Bucket, Mildred’s former rival who soon becomes her friend.

Image Source: NBC News

A few viewers of the series and her other act commented, “Sarah Paulson is the best on American horror stories!!!”, “I think she is great and a goddess who has such a great talent”, “We started we watch Ratched, we cannot get enough, it is so good.

No one could play this character in addition to Sarah Paulson, she is a rockstar actress!!”, Sarah Paulson is Badass in everything she does; nobody can personify Mildred Ratched better than our Sarah.”

Are you a big fan of Sarah Paulson and what’s your favourite character of hers? I chose her in ‘American Horror Story’, mainly in chapter 2, oh Lana Banana. In ‘Ratched’ yet, she might be the best she’s ever been!

What do you think? Haven’t seen this new series yet?

To conclude, the series can be a new break of the day for villains who are strong female roles, with valid stimulation educating them with brilliant curves. If you have not seen Ratched on Netflix yet, then watch it now!