Space Sweeper Trailer: The trailer for the next Netflix science-fiction film, spatial sweepers’ which was cataloged with the potential to become the “Korean Star Wars”, which is the first blockbuster product in the Asian country .

‘Space Sweepers’ is set in the year 2092, following the story of a team of space debris miners who discover a particularly dangerous weapon of destruction for the earth disguised as an innocent child.

Netflix’s Space Sweeper Trailer

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The new sci-fi series is directed by Jo Sung-hee and stars Kim Tae-Ri and Song Joon-ki. The newly shared trailer shows a film with a mixture of comedy, action, and drama, focusing on the team’s dysfunctional relationship as they wonder what to do with the mysterious robot boy who has come to them.

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Space Sweeper Trailer

‘Space sweepers’ will hit the Netflix platform coming February 5th. The Korean Movie will be released on the Netflix platform and will be available to watch all over the world.

After the success of Sweet Home, which Season 2 will even be on Netflix soon.