It is at all times happy to see generations of the best artists come together for a film or series. You People is coming to Netflix to welcome us.

Think about Robert Redford and Brad Pitt in the acclaimed Tony Scott a CIA epic Spy Game. Or Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen in horror comedy Funny Peoplewhich had been directed by Judd Apatow.

Netflix will be crossing 40 years of comedy, in addition to crossing into some sensitive territory, with their upcoming film You People.

The two elite comedy talents leading this film will be Eddie Murphy and High Zoneboth possibly the funniest actors of their particular generations.

The film is likely to delve deep into the critical racial problems that have unfortunately carried over from generation to generation in today’s daily news.

It bears the hallmarks of a race-swapped version of Sydney Poitier’s classic Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and a freeze-frame of still-uncontrolled blackout and cluelessness in 2023. The tone by writers Hill and Kenya Barris (Black) turns out to be on the brighter side of a tough story based on the trailer.

The Plot of Netflix’s You People

You People

It looks like Jonah Hill is playing 30-year-old Ezra Cohen in the movie You People. He is certainly a desolate and emotionally needy man. He operates as the stereotypical “can’t seem to catch a break” character in many romantic comedies.

By accident, he discovers Amira Mohammed and promptly in her vehicle believes her to be his Uber driver.

The awkward meeting develops into a date and subsequently the companionship that Ezra is already trying to find. Ezra wants to propose to Amira, and being a traditionalist and spiritual man, he approaches her parents for their blessing initially. Eddie Murphy, a comic powerhouse, is revealed.

Cast & Crew

You People

The cast includes Hill as the eponymous Ezra, who is powerful enough to stand on his own. Akbar Mohammed is portrayed by Murphy as an honest and committed Muslim.

Nia Long (The Boiler RoomBig Granny’s House) portrays his wife Fatima, and Lauren London portrays their son and future bride Amira (Without Remorse).

Continuing with Ezra’s family, Julia-Louis Dreyfus will play Shelley Cohen, one of the formidable team from The X-Files, and David Duchovny will play Arnold Cohen, Ezra’s resurrected parents who they’re struggling.

Sam Jay will portray Sam Jay from Saturday Night Livewhile Travis Bennet from Tyler, the Creator, and Loiter Squad will play Omar.

The screenplay was written by Hill and director Kenya Barris, making his feature directorial debut. It is an interesting and thrilling show for comedy lovers.

Issue date

You People

You People is because of be released on January 27, 2023. The show will be released completely on Netflix.