Niall Horan has spoken about his girlfriend’s reaction to his songs and album!

Niall Horan


Niall Horan has revealed how his girlfriend Amelia reacted to his recent songs about her. There are many musicians who try to keep their music very personal and at the same time out of space.

We speak about music that’s very personal to them so quite a lot of it’s related to their love life.

We speak about love life then it’s also the one that’s related to the reaction of their lover, particularly their partner who becomes the highlight. The same is the case of Hollywood where we have seen many such celebrities fall into the list.

The same happened recently when the previous singer of One direction ie Niall Horan shared his views on girlfriends in his recent songs. His third album called The Show has just been released on 9th June 2023 on Friday.

Many fans are liking it including Horan’s girlfriend and that’s Amelia. Recently the 29-year-old gave all his effort as a solo artist and released a music video for the title track. It was the first song that was written for the entire album.

It came to the reaction of his girlfriend Amelia then Niall said that she likes it. He said that generally, a love song turns into a heartbreak song. And it feels very nice for him to write a better life of happier things.

Niall Horan Shares How His Girlfriend Amelia Reacted To His Love Songs To Her!

Niall Horan

With all this stuff, Niall Horan said that she is actually into the singer’s music.

It was recently when Niall Horan spoke about his next tour in 2024. This tour will be in support of his new album called The Show.

The singer also talked about his best album while performing a 45 minute performance in front of the fans. In this event, one can see scenes and galleries that have never been seen of the singer while he was recording the new album.

“It’s the most mature sound, the most recorded feeling. And I especially made 10 songs as well. Only in and out. None of this has track 15 and you go, ‘When the lf**k is this going to end?’ Let’s get to 10 and make people want to come back to one.”

Niall Horan.