Nicole Kidman is prepared to star in HBO show called The Perfect Nanny. Nicole Kidman is now back at HBO with a new project.

We have seen how celebrities typically get news related to their announcement of any new project or any new event. And if it is going to be the most expected or anticipated then it will certainly get plenty of news.

Talking about any show or series or movie then Hollywood is well known about it. Whatever the movie or show is, they generally announce it in advance so that fans can become aware of the casting.

The same happened with actress Nicole Kidman as she returned to HBO yet again. She is getting plenty of news related to a limited series called The Perfect Nanny.

She earlier got a HBO claim with the series called Big Little Lies which became an enormous hit and success in her career. When it comes to the author and producer of this project then it is going to be Maya Erskine.

Here’s more on Nicole Kidman’s Upcoming Project The Perfect Nanny.

Nicole Kidman
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Nicole Kidman will even be one of the show’s executive producers. The show is inspired by a real-life murder that took place in 2012. The murder was of Lucia and Leo who were killed by their Nanny. It also involves small kids.

If Nicole Kidman is not making news related to her project or any new project announcement then she is certainly making it with her husband Keith Urban.

After so many years of marriage and togetherness, the couple is very happy in their relationship. They are like a newly married couple who all the time appear to be on their own. Talking about their bond with the children then it is pretty perfect.

It was not long before Keith Urban was in the news related to his kids. He recently shared a fantastic bond with the kids while shopping with them. It wasn’t precisely shopping but a visit to a restaurant where the two were seen.

When it came to Nicole Kidman’s personal life then she was very well known for her love life with her husband whom she married in 2006.

Before marrying Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman was married Tom Cruise in 1990. The couple divorced after 10 years in 2001. Coming to her kids then she has four kids.