Actress Nicole Kidman opted for a makeup-free look while doing an intense workout in Sydney. We have seen many celebrities giving their best on their physical body and their transformation.

And that’s the reason why they never hesitate to show a perfect workout session and detail their routine. Nothing can be better than an intense workout that goes without makeup and yet looks very mesmerizing and lovely at the same time.

When talking about such then one cannot forget the famous actress Nicole Kidman. The fit actress recently showed off her makeup-free routine while deliberately working out.

It was Australian sunshine where the actress was seen sweating profusely while working out her arms at Sydney’s outdoor gym. It was on the 17th of February 2023 when the actress went under the sunlight with the trees above and exercised alone.

Here you can check some pictures of Nicole Kidman Make-up.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was wearing a purple t-shirt and black capris while her blonde hair was on display. She finally revealed the secret of her good body shape while talking about it on several occasions.

In one of the interviews, the actress revealed the secret of tight skin that goes with an eye serum. Nicole Kidman is 55 years old but still looks like someone in her 30s.

Coming to her words, the actress said: “Seratopic Adoration Eye Serum helped my under eye concealer look effortless and settle smoothly on fine lines. I have been using this brand for everything and have had amazing changes in my skin,”

She also continued with a few more words: “I’m over 40 years old and I live in a desert climate with a lot of sun exposure, I play sports and I’m active outside at least five days a week. This eye serum has helped my skin so much without any breakouts.”

The actress is also a fan of makeup-free looks and is the reason why she knows that no skin serum will work overnight. She also took care of her internal body, particularly her organ as it is necessary in the long run.

She started all of this in her 20s that kept her skin to look glowing and mesmerizing in her 50. Over the years she added more oils and serums to her routine and went with easy cleansers only.

The actress is certainly known to take care of her body in addition to her personal and experienced life. And that’s the reason why having four kids in her life has never affected her and her work and also her skin routine at all costs.