Update No Time to Die: Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film, No Time To Die, has officially been postponed yet again and will now hit theaters in October 2021. Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film is back ‘ has been postponed, with the film now expected to hit theaters in October 2021.

With the release of Casino Royale, Craig took over the role of 007 in 2006 and reprized the role in three sequels as the elite spy. Sometime after the release of Spectre, he announced that he would return to the role again, and a long search for a director ultimately brought on board Cary Joji Fukunaga to direct No Time To Die.

No Time to Die: Brief description:-

There was much anticipation for the release of the film in 2020 as the culmination of the Craig period of James Bond films. By April, the film was scheduled to be in theaters and was considered one of the biggest releases of the year.

The coronavirus pandemic, however, forced the studios to wait for No Time To Die several times until they settled on a release date of April 2021. While there was hope that when the film was released, it would finally be the case, the pandemic forced another one. delay

No Time to Die

The official James Bond Twitter account today reported the news that No Time To Die has been pushed back to October 2021. April 2, 2021, was the newest release date, but now MGM and Eon they agreed to delay the re-release again. No Time To Die’s latest release date is October 8, 2021.

This marks the fourth step towards No Time To Die’s release date, and the third delay caused by the pandemic. While most believe that by now the world will be closer to normal making the April 2021 release a safe time to put the film in theaters, unfortunately that isn’t the truth of the world .

This current hiatus comes after the news noted that No Longer To Die was in fact going to be delayed again. Craig Bond’s latest film is the last blockbuster to come out of the 2021 summer season, and it definitely will not be the last at this point.

The repeated delays are the product of the studios wanting to ensure the film has the potential to be a box office hit, as frustrating as it’s that the release of No Time To Die is just six months away away. There were many claims that hundreds of millions of dollars were sold by streaming platforms such as Apple and Netflix to buy No Time To Die and release it digitally.

However, unless someone is willing to pay around $600 million for it, the studios have so far shown no real interest in this option. Since the latest prediction is that vaccines will be widely distributed sometime before October, this is most likely the last delay that No Time To Die has received.