Netflix is ​​ready to start one of its own comedy series that could have the spark to make long-term relations with the streaming giant. But is it worth it? This article will help you choose whether to broadcast or skip the following #NoFilter Netflix.

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Almost every time a production house jumps on the decision to make a new comedy series, they all the time try to make the first season a kind of experiment.

It is finished just to get an idea of ​​the audience’s taste and whether or not they will like that story and characters much more or not.

And often, a series like this works because of the screen-worthy characters that leave an impression on the audience’s eyes.

That’s what happened with the two legendary sitcoms that the majority of the comic book audience loved, specifically, The Office and Parks And Rec. Their main characters were so charming that they stayed with the audience, and obviously, the comic timing of these two series was at its best. And this can be the case with #NoFilter.

Here’s the trailer for it.

The story is a couple of college student Marcely who is quite tired of her monotonous college life. To add a spark to her daily routine, she decides to drop out of college and begin chasing a new goal in life, to become an influencer.

Marcely is influenced by the success of her friend Sandrinha. However, her friend Gustavo (Pedro Ottoni) and cousin Rubria (Thamirys Borsan) seem to believe that Sandrinha is not as successful as she expresses. Despite this, they fully support Marcely’s decision.

The only thing Marcely has to do is keep this dropout drama a secret from her mother Val who works multiple jobs to pay for her daughter’s college fees.

Although, she does not know that there are numerous hardships waiting for her as online life is not as easy as it seems. The series is all about her struggles while becoming an influencer.

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The main star of the series is Ademara. The other cast members include Flávia ReisOrã, Figueiredo, Mel MaiaThamirys Borsan, Pedro, Ottoni, Maicon RodriguesLu Perisse, Carol Garcia, Leandro Santanna, Sandra de Sá and Maíra Azevedo.

The Question of the Hour Value it or Skip it?


The show revolves around Ademara’s character Marcely. You’ll feel empty when she’s not on screen. Although, the author João Paulo Horta has built a good series with quite entertaining comic timing to make the audience scream.

If you are trying to find something new in the world of comedy, you should certainly take a look at #NoFilter.