Before introducing Julia’s story, Noise begins with a close-up of her. Julia is a widely known artist whose daughter, Gertrudis, or Ger for short, has been missing for nine months, with little progress made by incompetent authorities.

The police, her ex-husband, and now even her son all pushed her to leave and move on with her life. She cannot do it as a mother. Julia meets journalist Abril at a support group for relatives of missing people, and the two begin a covert and dangerous investigation to discover what happened to Ger.

The more we follow Julia on her quest, the more confusing her situation seems. The film exposes a degree of corruption we’d all rather believe does not exist as the lady desperately searches for answers. Cops use security footage of Ger taking drugs on a night out to pin her disappearance on the victim.

The few people willing to help Julia’s family risk their safety; one lawyer investigates missing persons, works in a haunted building and is protected by armed security. There is a moment of fear in which the protagonist wants to pay a police officer to investigate the traffic of dead bodies before the authorities brush everything under the carpet.[hom;avukatwieħedlijinvestigapersunineqsinjaħdemf’binimimliżbaljatuhuwaprotettminnsigurtàarmataHemmukollmumenttal-biża’lifihil-protagonistatagħnajridiħallasuffiċjaltal-pulizijabiexjinvestigatrakkta’kadavriqabelmal-awtoritajietifarfarkolloxtaħtit-tapit

As the story develops, the protagonist is drawn deeper into a society ruled by corruption and greed, where human life is just worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Julia only discovers the information she does because she has the funds to pay the right people.

What sets Noise apart is how it offers screen time to as many stories that are similar to Julia’s as possible. Through the angle of the protagonist, we meet others who, like her, are longing for answers.

While it seems that the entire world is against them, these women continue to fight for their mothers, their kids, and their siblings. This film has a solid message centered on women; despite its harshness, it can be light enough.

Noise (2023) Ending Explained.

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Julia exits the building and into a crowd of protesters. It shows several women protesting the government’s silence about their lost loved ones. It becomes overwhelming when you see these people marching in the same suffering as her.

Shortly after, the police arrive and begin attacking the crowd. She joins a close by building with other women in an try to get away.

However, she is quickly hit by one of the cops and loses consciousness. We see her get up and walk outside, but nobody observes her except a veiled woman. Together with her, Julia joins a new world, where she returns to her terrible visions.

She discovers that this woman is, in fact, Ger and is delighted to have finally met her. The ending represents the helplessness felt by many like Julia, who may find peace only when they meet their loved ones after death.


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While Noise is set in Mexico, its importance goes beyond its borders. During its running time of one hour and 45 minutes, the film paints a disturbingly realistic picture of what too many families around the globe are forced to face when someone they care about disappears. It’s not easy to watch, but that makes it essential to watch.