Now You See Me 3: Release date and more updates!

When will Now You See Me 3 be released? The magic-centered action-comedy Now You See Me made it to theaters in the summer 2013. However, there was a lot of criticism. You can also watch Now You See Me on Netflix. This was despite a compelling storyline and an ensemble that featured Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson as well as Mark Ruffalo and Isla Fisher and Dave Franco.

The film’s unique blend of magic and mayhem was a huge hit with audiences worldwide, earning it well over $300 million in box office revenue. The folks at Lionsgate Films were quick to get to work on creating a sequel featuring the same actors that the first film.

Fisher’s pregnancies led to the reunion of The Four Horsemen with their menacing overlords in 2016’s film, The Eye. The Eye was just as entertaining and profitable as its predecessor. Now You See Me 2 nearly matched its box office haul. The sequel expanded the world of Now You See Me and paved the way for a third installment in the series. While the movie was in New York City, the franchise creators had Benedict Cumberbatch cast as the film’s villain.

The plans for the much-anticipated sequel seem to have gone full-on David Copperfield, as no further information has been available for many years. Lionsgate appears to be on the brink of putting together their magical house of cards, and we are finally seeing progress on the next chapter of the Now You See Me franchise. This is all we know so far about Now You See Me 3.

When Will You See Me 3 Be Published?

Now You See Me 3: Release date and more updates!

It is not surprising that we do not know anything about Now You See Me 3! The “movement” that we referred to places NYSM3 in its early stages of creation. Lionsgate finally hired a screenwriter to write the film’s screenplay after a few years of inactivity. It’s true. NYSM and NYSM2 writer Ed Solomon might not return to write the third installment of the series. John M. Chu, Now You See Me 2 filmmaker, has also announced his resignation after indicating that he would return to direct the third film.

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We may see a different version or The Four Horsemen with two writers departing and one new writer joining. The good news is that Lionsgate hired Eric Warren Singer, Oscar-nominated writer for Top Gun: Maverick and American Hustle. Singer is believed to be still in the early stages of writing so the project is not moving forward.

We don’t know when Now You See Me 3 will be released in theaters. It’s possible that the studio will rush to get the production moving, considering Now You see Me 2 was released over four years ago. Singer may have some magic at his side, so Now You See Me 3 could pick up momentum quickly.

Cast of Now You See Me 3

Now that We Know Now You See Me 3 Is in Production, it is obvious to ask which cast members will be returning. Because almost all cast members have been extremely busy since the last film, this is a complicated topic to answer.

Let’s assume that Benedict Cumberbatch won’t be the villain of NYSM3. Cumberbatch has MCU responsibilities that will not allow him to accept the job. However, he does have a few non MCU projects that should keep him busy up until 2022. Anyone hoping for an MCU reunion with Dr. Strange and the Hulk in Now You See Me

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Cumberbatch is the only mystery in the ensemble of Now You See Me. Ruffalo, Eisenberg and Eisenberg had to work miracles to fit into their already busy schedules. Each member of this stellar cast will probably have their own set of dance cards.

Lionsgate could take a new approach to the third Now You See Me movie. It would be surprising if any of the franchise’s most well-known faces didn’t appear.

The Plot of Now You See Me 3

Jesse Eisenberg is still enthusiastic about Now You See Me 3. He is concerned about the loss of interest in the world. Worse, audiences may not be able to recall the plot twists from the previous films.

Now You See Me 2 and Now You See Me 1 were filled with cinematic tricks that bordered the absurd, much like a magic trick. They did it with such charm, grace, and swagger, that spectators didn’t seem to care how many times they were robbed.

The films depicted a group criminal magicians who were recruited by The Eye, an underground magic collective. They then pulled off incredible heists while being pursued both by the FBI and Interpol.

Unexpected discoveries had taken them further into The Eye’s world than they could have imagined when we last saw The Four Horsemen. Unfortunately, viewers have not yet seen behind The Eye’s curtains. This may change in Now You See Me 3 as Dylan (Ruffalo) has officially welcomed the illusionists into the fold.

We know a lot about Now You See Me 3’s plot, but we are certain to see The Eye’s inner workings. Now You See Me 3 will have lots of magic, and we are eager to see the film’s potential plot.

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