Olivia Wilde shares a friendly hug with Jason Sudeikis after her split from Harry Styles. We have seen how celebrities generally share great friendships with other celebrities.

And all these items are glorified if some hard times come in the life of such celebrities. Whether it’s related to musicians or actors, we have seen many such celebrities under the category whose friendship not only got quite a lot of news but also became the talk of the town.

We discuss things like this then the recent one related to Olivia Wilde after her separation from Harry Styles and the custody battle.

Actress Olivia Wilde recently shocked her fans when she was spotted hugging Jason Sudeikis. The two separated in 2020 and nearly after two years, a friendship appeared between these two. It was 10 years of romance between the couple who finally appear to be on friendly terms.

Here you can take a look at some pictures of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis saying goodbye with a sweet hug.

Olivia Wilde

It was on January 28, 2023 when the two were seen on friendly terms not only hugging one another but also having some kind of conversation. They were together for a long time before they shared this moment with one another.

This picture must have shocked many fans as it was the most unforeseen thing. Because of the continuous custody battle for the kids, nothing was expected but it seems that everything refuses.

Things weren’t all that bad blood between these two until the custody papers arrived. All the custody papers came in April of 2022 when bad blood came between these two.

When the custody drama was going on Olivia Wilde was sharing an excellent romance with her Harry Styles. Their romance was glorified by the set of Don’t worry Darling but after two long years of dating, they broke up.

It was not only related to the custody battle but also things that surround the actress in her film. Harry Styles was with her all the time but when the separation came then they decided to be friends and keep the peace between them.

Instead of calling it a breakup, Harry Styles decided to give it a name break. He shared an excellent bond with both the kids of Olivia Wilde and it seems that he will be there for a long time.