Reportedly, actress Olivia Wilde is prepared to go out after 3 months of separation from Harry Styles. It happens with people who move forward it becomes the only option but it isn’t easy to go with it.

And that’s the reason why it takes days or weeks or sometimes months and years to deal with and get on the right track. The same happens with celebrities who also undergo such heartbreaks in their lives and everything is going on with the media and the news. However over time they recover and are ready to go out again.

The same is the situation with Olivia Wilde who is reportedly ready to go out after 3 months of separation from Harry Styles.

She is finding love again as it is evident that she isn’t just searching for a normal person but an incredible man. The mother of 2 recently split from Harry Styles and has been dating for nearly 4 months.

Here’s What Olivia Wilde Shared About Dating Again.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles met on the set of Don’t worry Darling which was a feminist film. She was there in the film as a director and also an actress who was getting lots of controversies.

With all these controversies, the couple got lots of support from one another. Their relationship was not official but both were seen many times on date nights in addition to some outings. The first ever appearance with a public wedding in January 2021 after the filming of the movie.

It was not only Olivia while but also her two kids who are doing well with Harry Styles. And that’s the reason why they both appeared in one of his concerts.

Coming to the reason for their separation then it is due to their busy schedule where Olivia Wilde wants to focus more on her career and at the same time Harry Styles kept himself busy on his tour.

Even after the separation, they remained very friendly with one another and prioritized their careers more than one another.

Before getting involved with Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde was married to Jason. They were together for 7 years and separated in 2020. Even after many court issues and allegations with custody papers, they try to remain friends for the sake of their kids.

When it comes to the current scenario then the two were seen together having a good time with the kids. As long as the kids are happy and healthy with them, they’re ready to make any sacrifice as they’re everything to their parents.