One Piece Chapter 1076 is about to be released, and fans are anxiously waiting for it. The end of Chapter 1075 left the viewers on a cliffhanger, and they’re keen to learn what happens next.

Here’s what we know right now about the announcement of the official release date of One Piece Chapter 1076.

The One Piece franchise is doing very well, as evidenced by the undeniable fact that the feature film One Piece: Red recently became the fourth highest grossing anime film of all time.

While manga artist Eiichiro Oda is earning money at the international box office, attention is now focused on his original manga series, which will resume in all major markets in a few days.

Fans are desperate for any details they can find on the upcoming issue after Vegapunk Shaka implied that another member of the group must have betrayed them. Fans are also curious to find out if Luffy and Zoro will join Lucci and Kaku.

Unfortunately, there are currently no verifiable spoilers available for One Piece Chapter 1076. A few rumored spoilers are circulating, but haven’t been verified by the series’ leaker community, making them, at best, questionable.

Thankfully, as of the writing of this post, fans have at least confirmed the official release details for an upcoming release.

This page will provide a comprehensive breakdown of all the information that’s currently available about the publication of One Piece chapter 1076, in addition to speculation of what to anticipate from the episode.

One Piece Chapter 1076 Release Date, Time, and More

One Piece Chapter 1076
TCB scans

The release of One Piece chapter 1076 is scheduled for February 27, 2023, at 12 JST. This leads to a local Sunday morning release time for the great majority of fans worldwide.

Only a small portion of viewers from other countries, such as those in Japan, will be capable to watch the series on Monday night. Depending on the location and time zone, the exact release time will change.

Fans can access the issue through official channels on the Shueisha Shonen Jump+ app, the MANGAPlus website, or the official Viz Media website.

The first and last three episodes of a series can be watched for free on the first two platforms. However, the latter offers readers access to a series in its entirety through a paid, subscription-based service.

Also, new readers can access the three most recent chapters for free on Viz Media and Manga Plus, but if they want access to the whole library, they must subscribe for $2.99 ​​per month.

What To Expect From One Piece Chapter 1076?

One Piece Chapter 1076
TCB scans

Most likely, One Piece Chapter 1076 will start with Luffy and Zoro in fact responding with “yes” to Lucci and Kaku.

The main factor that makes this yes is the undeniable fact that the Seraphim are primarily behind Lucci and Kaku, and since Luffy and Zoro must defend Shaka, it makes it reasonable to leave the previous couple to defend themselves.

It is also likely that Franky, Usopp, Vegapunk Pythagoras, and Vegapunk Lilith will make another appearance in One Piece Chapter 1076.

They are in great danger because the S-Snake is after them, and this will possibly be shown in the coming issues. At some point, viewers can even see them trying to retrieve Vegapunk York’s body.

Last but not least, the issue possibly shows Kizaru and Saint Jaygarcia Saturn either traveling to Egghead Island or already arrived.

In either case, this makes the Straw Hats’ predicaments even worse by adding additional reinforcements to the enemies they already face and making it harder for them to escape.

Recap Of One Piece Chapter 1075

One Piece Chapter 1076
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After the apparent attack on Pythagoras, Vegapunk Shaka tried to contact him at the start of One Piece Chapter 1075. Shaka then noticed a mysterious figure that seemed to be attacking the Den Den Mushi security camera, and was finally shot down ‘ the entire system.

The following issue had the major Stella corps amongst the Straw Hats and Vegapunk organizations looking for Dr. Vegapunk.

Pythagoras’ body was discovered by Vegapunk York, Vegapunk Lilith, Usopp, and Franky, who discovered that he was still alive. York was, however, transformed into stone as a result of the Snake Seraphim attacking them.

Lucci, Kaku, Zoro, Luffy, and Vegapunk Shaka were attacked by the S-Bear, and S-Hawk Seraphim models as in Chapter 1075, then cut back to the control room.

In the last panels of this issue, Lucci and Kaku ask Zoro and Luffy to release them from their handcuffs so they can fight alongside Zoro Luffy. In response, Zoro and Luffy showed faces of disgust and amazement.