In Oshi no Ko episode 9, titled “B-Komachi,” Mem-Cho revealed a significant secret about her past.

When is Oshi No Ko Episode 10 Coming? Well, Oshi No Ko Episode 10 is highly anticipated amongst fans, and the wait is sort of over as Oshi No Ko episode 10 is scheduled to be released sometime in June 2023 on TOKYO MX, and viewers are excited to delve deeper into the fascinating world of anime.

After initially airing, the episode will subsequently be available on other Japanese networks, allowing a wider audience to enjoy the latest developments in the series.

As the anime nears its climax, it finds itself in the middle of the thrilling First Concert arc, which promises to be an exhilarating experience for both the characters and the audience alike.

In the previous episode of Oshi no Ko, an thrilling development occurred as Mem-Cho officially joined the new idol group, B-Komachi.

With the addition of Mem-Cho, the group embarked on their activities, ready to make their mark in the idol industry.

However, their journey took an unforeseen turn when Kaburagi Masaya, a leading figure in the industry, extended an invite to B-Komachi to perform at the distinguished Japan Idol Festival.

Faced with this incredible opportunity, the members of B-Komachi found themselves faced with an important decision – to choose their center girl.

The responsibility of selecting which member would take center stage during their performance fell upon the group, adding to the stress and anticipation as they considered their choices and thought of the impact that this decision will have on their future.

Thus, with only two episodes left, Oshi no Ko continues to delight fans with its intriguing plot, compelling characters and unpredictable twists that have made it the standout anime of the season.[tilill-partitarjibit-tramaintrigantiil-karattrikonvinċentiul-brimimprevedibbliligħamluhaAnimelijispikkatal-istaġun

Oshi No Ko Episode 10 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

Oshi No Ko Episode 10
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Oshi no Ko fans eagerly await the release of Episode 10, scheduled to air on Wednesday, June 21, at 11:00 pm in Japan. However, it is crucial to note that the release time may vary in other countries.

Due to delays caused by streaming websites and the localization process, the episode may not be released concurrently all over the world.

Fans outside of Japan may need to wait a little longer before they can enjoy the last part of this fascinating anime.

Despite the anticipation and slight delay, viewers from all over the world remain excited to see the unfolding story and look forward to the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Oshi no Ko.

Oshi No Ko Episode 10 Recap

Oshi No Ko Episode 10

In Oshi no Ko episode 9, titled “B-Komachi,” Mem-Cho revealed a significant secret about her past. She shared that in the past she was on the verge of becoming an idol, but because of her mother’s deteriorating health, she had to give up on her dream and instead support her family.

When she finally had the opportunity to pursue her idol aspirations again, she was already 23 years old, which made it difficult for her to break into the industry.

Despite her age being misrepresented, Mem-Cho managed to join B-Komachi, the idol group she admired.

Her presence brought a positive impact on the group’s online presence, as she had prior experience as a TikToker and YouTuber for two years.

The improvement in their online presence caught the attention of Kaburagi, who offered B-Komachi an incredible chance to perform at the distinguished Japan Idol Festival.

This opportunity promises to be a significant turning point for the group, and fans eagerly anticipate the outcome of their journey.

What To Expect From Oshi No Ko Episode 10?

Oshi No Ko Episode 10
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In the upcoming episode 10 of Oshi no Ko, it’s highly anticipated that Ruby and Mem-Cho will take on the task of convincing Kana Arima to become the center girl of B-Komachi. In the start, Kana had doubts about her singing abilities, believing that she was not good enough.

However, Ruby and Mem-Cho’s perception of Kana’s talent took a turn after they stumbled upon one of her music videos.

They were genuinely impressed with her singing skills and have become convinced that Kana had the potential to shine as the center of the group.

In the next episode, it’s likely that Ruby and Mem-Cho will show off their singing abilities to Kana, hoping to convince her to take the role.

If successful, B-Komachi will move forward with Kana as their center girl, and the group will embark on intense rehearsals and practice sessions in preparation for their next performance.

Thus, fans eagerly anticipate how this pivotal moment will unfold and the impact it will have on B-Komachi’s journey.

Where Can You Watch Oshi No Ko Episode 10?

Oshi No Ko Episode 10

Oshi no Ko episode 10 will initially premiere on TOKYO MX, one of the prominent Japanese TV networks.

After its first airing, the anime will air on other Japanese TV networks, including Chiba TV, BS11, KBS Kyoto, and Sun TV, reaching a wider audience across the country.

For fans outside of Japan, the episode will be available to stream on HIDIVE, allowing viewers from all over the world to enjoy the latest developments in the series.

In addition, in the Asia-Pacific regions, the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel, Netflix, Bilibili, and iQIYI will also broadcast the episode, catering to the audience in those areas.