In episode 8 of ‘Oshi no Ko’ titled ‘First Time,’ viewers are treated to a fascinating performance by Akane as she flawlessly portrays the character of Ai on the dating show.

Oshi No Ko Episode 8 Ending Explained: In Oshi No Ko Episode 8 titled ‘The First Time’, viewers are treated to a fascinating performance from Akane as she flawlessly portrays the character of Ai on the dating show.

This extraordinary appearance leaves everybody impressed and further demonstrates Akane’s talent.

Meanwhile, Aqua finds himself confronting his feelings for Ai and seeks clarity by spending a day with Kana.

During this time, Aqua discovers that Akane has studied extensively and deeply understands Ai, adding to his intrigue. As the shooting for the dating show comes to an end, the director informs Aqua that he will fulfill his promise and arrange a dinner where he intends to disclose some of Ai’s secrets.

With the stage set for this revelation, viewers are left to eagerly anticipate the end of episode 8 of ‘Oshi No Ko’, as it promises to deliver thrilling revelations and further insight into the fascinating world of series.

So, continue reading this article till the end to know about the ending of Oshi No Ko Episode 8.

Oshi No Ko Episode 8 Recap

Oshi No Ko Episode 8
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In episode 8 of the series, Akane impresses everybody with her exceptional acting skills as she deliberately portrays herself as Ai. This leaves the cameraman, the co-stars, and even Aqua in awe.

Aqua, who was shocked by Akane’s performance, begins to show a different kind of interest in her.

Yuki and Mem notice this change and encourage Akane to continue acting the same way. When asked if she accepts Aqua’s proposal to date her, Akane admits that she will consider it.

Ruby, looking jealous, acts as if she does not care anymore. Meanwhile, Aqua is conflicted about what Ai means to him and seeks clarity by spending time with Kana outside of school.

During this issue, Aqua gains a deeper understanding of his own feelings. The next day, Aqua discusses Ai’s portrayal of Akane and learns that she conducted extensive research for the role, even discovering the shocking possibility that Ai had a secret child. Realizing Akane’s usefulness, Aqua decides he cannot cut ties with her.

On the last day of the dating show, Aqua kisses Akane in front of the camera. However, when Kana watches the episode, she is disappointed, and divulges her apparent feelings for Aqua.

As the show ends, the director arranges a dinner with Aqua to disclose some of Ai’s secrets. At a party that night, Aqua’s co-stars tease him about his relationship with Akane.

Oshi No Ko Episode 8 Ending Explained: Are Aqua And Akane In A Relationship?

Oshi No Ko Episode 8
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At the party, Akane and Aqua find a moment to have a private conversation. Akane states that she is aware that Aqua doesn’t have romantic feelings for her.

Aqua confirms this, admitting that she is correct. But he also admits that he’s enthralled by her acting skills.

The two comply with maintain the appearance of being boyfriend and girlfriend for professional purposes. Surprisingly, it’s revealed that Yuki and Nobu started dating in real life, even although Yuki rejected Nobu’s proposal on the show.

So, at the end of Oshi No Ko Episode 8, it turns out that Yuki simply wanted to keep their relationship private.

Will Mem Join Ruby’s Idol Group?

Oshi No Ko Episode 8
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After the party, Mem and Aqua greet the other actors and walk together in the other direction. Aqua asks if Mem plans to take a taxi, but Mem reveals that she lives close enough to walk home.

They can be found in a neighborhood occupied mainly by people from the entertainment industry, which explains Mem’s choice to live there.

Aqua then asks about Aqua’s relationship with Akane, and Aqua clarifies that it is solely professional.

Mem believes that Aqua and Akane should date in real life, as she noticed Aqua blushing when Akane showed a character named Ai.

The conversation takes a turn when Mem expresses her fascination with B Komachi and mentions that everybody loves them.

After a pause, Mem confesses that she initially aspired to become an idol but faced obstacles that prevented her from realizing her dream.

However, she is pleased with her current success as a YouTuber. At that moment, Aqua reveals that the new lB Komachi is currently recruiting new members, and Mem can join if she wants.

Mem is naturally shocked by this unforeseen opportunity and does not say too much, but it is clear that she intends to accept the offer and eventually fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an idol.