In episode 9 of ‘Oshi No Ko,’ Mem-cho’s journey takes an unforeseen turn full of revelations and opportunities.

Oshi No Ko Episode 9 Ending Explained: In ‘Oshi no Ko’ Episode 9 titled ‘B-Komachi,’ an thrilling turn of events takes place. Aqua takes the initiative to arrange a meeting between Mem-cho and Miyako, which results in a significant development.

Mem-cho decides to join the idol group together with Kana and Ruby, marking a new chapter in their journey. At the same time, Mem-cho finally gets the opportunity to meet the producer of Love Now for dinner.

During their conversation, he reveals a few hidden secrets about Ai’s life, and sheds light on her experiences. As the evening progresses, Mem-cho confides in her two new friends about an exceptional opportunity she can secure for B-Komachi – an opportunity to perform at the Japan Idol Festival.

The end of episode 9 of ‘Oshi No Ko’ leaves viewers keen to discover what awaits the characters in their quest for fulfillment and the unfolding of their interconnected destinies. So, continue reading this article till the end to know everything about the ending of the ending of Oshi No Ko.

Oshi No Ko Episode 9 Recap

Oshi No Ko Episode 9
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In episode 9 of ‘Oshi No Ko,’ Mem-cho’s journey takes an unforeseen turn full of revelations and opportunities. After agreeing to join B-Komachi, Aqua takes it upon herself to arrange a meeting between Mem-cho and Miyako.

Despite facing a few obstacles, Mem-cho’s impressive success in social media and her willingness to sign a contract make her a desirable candidate in Miyako’s eyes.

However, an important detail catches Miyako’s attention—Mem-cho’s age does not add up. In a candid moment, Mem-cho admits that she is really 25 years old, not 18 as many people believe.

She grew up in a home where she had to take a job at a young age to support her family. In an industry that prioritizes youth, Mem-cho faked her age to pursue her dream in entertainment.

Ruby and Kana empathize with her story, and she ultimately becomes part of the idol group.

Meanwhile, Aqua meets with the producer of Love Now, hoping that he will fulfill his promise. Surprisingly, the producer stays true to his word and divulges something fascinating about Ai. It seems that Ai possibly experienced love during her theater acting days.

Intriguingly, the producer offers to introduce Aqua to the person behind the theater, recognizing the potential to uncover the reality.

This revelation adds another layer of intrigue and anticipation to the story, leaving viewers keen to see the unfolding of these interconnected narratives in ‘Oshi No Ko.’

Oshi No Ko Episode 9 Ending Explained

Oshi No Ko Episode 9
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At the end of episode 9, Mem-cho shares with Ruby and Kana that she received a message from the producer of Love Now, who claims to have connections with the organizers of the Japan Idol Festival.

He suggests that he could potentially secure a spot for their new idol group in the festival lineup.

Kana expresses concern about their willingness for such a significant opportunity, while Ruby believes it’s the perfect chance to announce B-Komachi’s rebirth to potential fans.

Mem-cho argues that the Japan Idol Festival is a rare stage even for well-established groups, and emphasizes the importance of seizing the opportunity.

The conversation then turns to the group’s central decision, with Arima initially downplaying its significance.

Ruby and Mem-cho make a case for themselves, and Ruby recalls Kana’s past success as a child actor and singer. Despite Kana’s doubts about her abilities, Ruby and Mem-cho assure her that she has talent.

In the end, they decide to visit a karaoke place to determine the center through a point-based competition.

However, when they search for Kana’s songs on the internet, they discover that she has released several tracks over the years, and upon listening, they realize that Kana is a far better singer than she gives herself credit for.

The episode then ends with their determination to take part in the Japan Idol Festival and Kana being more open to the plan.