The Outer Banks season 3 conclusion wraps up the major plotlines and sets up the next season. Outer Banks returns to Netflix more than two years after the release of the last season to continue where the second season left off.

After a failed try to get the Cross of Santo Domingo, The Pogues’ quest to escape home puts them right in the center of the hunt for the superb city of El Dorado.

The Cameron family’s struggle for legacy, the reunion of John B and Big John, and the Pogues’ budding relationships are all part of the difficult road.

Who drops dead in Outer Banks Season 3?

Outer Banks Season 3
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Over the course of three seasons of Outer Banks, the Pogues endured several close calls, but the season 3 finale saw the deaths of several characters, including Big John and Ward Cameron (Charles Esten).

The ending required us to say goodbye to John B and Sarah’s dads after they managed to escape and faux their deaths over the course of three seasons.

The first died tragically from his gunshot wound, and the Pogues bury him in the bush after the father expresses his pride in his son and their fulfillment of his ambition for many years.

Ward Cameron collaborates with Singh during the conclusion, but as one of Singh’s goons threatens to shoot Sarah, he unexpectedly switches sides.

Ward rushes the gunman to protect his daughter, but in doing so, they both fall to their deaths off a cliff.

Outer Banks Season 3 Finale

Outer Banks Season 3

When Big John, John B, and Sarah managed to escape, Ward and his trusty weapon were waiting for them. The rest of the Pogues arrived at that point. After promising “P4L,” JJ, Kie, Pope, and Cleo rushed Ward. However, in the end, Sarah confronted her father and grabbed his gun.

It’s a disgrace as he could have used this. Another El Dorado seeker, Ryan (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), appeared instantly after Ward put down his rifle and threatened to shoot Big John.

Ward performed a rare act of bravery at the time. Ryan pushes down a cliff from Ward as he runs towards him. The Ward Cameron series is now complete. Unfortunately, he was not the only father who died in the epilogue.

Big John could not make it despite their best attempts to carry him to safety. However, he told John B to keep Sarah close and that “you were the best son any man could dream of” before he died.

Our little treasure hunter. John B gave another off-camera diatribe for these two troublesome parents at the funeral. “When my father believed again it was a dream come true. However, I discovered that life doesn’t offer you seas without waves,

A celebration honoring John B, Sarah, JJ, Kie, Pope, and Cleo for discovering El Dorado marked the conclusion of Outer Banks Season 3. Yes, the rejected Pogues rose to fame as local heroes. But, all of them moved on with their lives, John B said nonchalantly.

Papa enrolled at school, Kie started protecting turtles, and JJ acquired a charter vessel. John B is currently running a surf shop. However the journey has yet to be completed.