Outer Banks Season 3 is up Netflix. The surprising thing is that even after a not so good season 2, the production giant decided to plan more seasons. Why? Nobody knows.

Despite failing to intimidate the audience with its 2nd season, Outer Banks is here with its 3rd part. And it seems that the viewers aren’t liking the series they liked before.

The disturbing thing about season 3 is that it’s getting far worse reviews than the previous 2 seasons. This is because the fans think that the series has now gone far from the point of exhaustion. But is this true?

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Is Outer Banks Season 3 Bad?

Outer Banks Season 3
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The teen drama series Outer Banks is here with its 3rd season. The season that has just arrived very quickly expresses that it is really far from reality. After the team discovers a way to solve everything, the narrative seems to bounce from place to place.

And so the narrative completely exploits the plot of the series which ultimately leads to its failure. The narrative feels like nothing matters. Yeah, we’re not kidding. After one point, everything seems pointless. Like there is no point in it.

This is very apparent in an early moment where the protagonist first decides to follow a fleeing thief but after a moment, chooses to take him down. Like, why? Even the protagonist feels like he’s doing it all over and over.

It creates a moment of revealing but unintentional humor where the characters themselves just look like they can barely be bothered to undergo the motions.

All these motions and plots come to a point where the audience is left with no choice but to compare the season to the disastrous second season of The Wild. And that takes all the interest out of the series.

After lots of plot that fails to gain attention, Outer Banks then goes backward and forward to remind us of the memories of the past. And all that faded over time because of how minimal it was.

Stream It or Skip It?

Outer Banks Season 3
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We all know that it is like a rule that a series ends once it starts and perhaps that’s why the makers are announcing season after season for Outer Banks. But they can’t escape the indisputable fact that the series has reached its saturation point.

In short, it costs you nothing if you skip this.