Netflix is ​​ready to make all viewers proud of the news that The Pogues is back with Season 4 of Outer Banks.

Outer bank season 3 has just been shown Netflix and it was liked a lot by the viewers in addition to by the critics, so we got the great news of its renewal just after the 3rd season ended like this series similarity.

The first season of this young drama was released in April 2020, and since then with each successive season, it’s gaining popularity that’s increasing at the same pace.

The story of this young drama revolves around a group of Pogue teenagers who have been hunting for treasure during the last three seasons but ultimately they didn’t find the treasure!!

So without further ado let’s move on to find out more details about Outer banks season 4!!!

If you do not want to miss any information about this upcoming fourth season so keep reading this article until the end!!!

When is Outer Banks season 4 coming out on Netflix?

Outer Banks Season 4
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The announcement with regard to the renewal of the series for its fourth installment was made on 23 February 2023.

The announcement was made during the event called “Poguelander: An Outer Banks Experience” which took place on February 18 and the announcement about the cast members was also made there. She also saw performances from the likes of Khalid, Lil Baby, alt-J, and Elley Duhé.

The news about the renewal of the series was made with the following statement: “Seeing Poguelandia come to life was nothing short of spectacular.

The Pogues are enjoying an adventure of a lifetime, and now we get to plan more twists and turns as the joyride continues in season four of Outer Banks. Thanks to Netflix, our cast, and the incredible fans who helped make this occur.”

Now if we speak about the release date of the 4th season of the outer banks then we wait at the earliest we must wait for at least 1 year.

Making a really educated guess we can predict that it’s going to be someplace around May and August 2024.
Because the makers of the series take at least 15 to 18 months to make a new season.

What will be the story line of Outer Banks Season 4?

Outer Banks Season 4

Those who watched the last season of the series must know that there are numerous incidents that need to be completed in a successive season.

But to be more precise we must wait until February 27 when the last episode of season 3 will be showing after that we can easily project where the story for season 4 can take place.

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