Outlander Season 6 Update: It comes as a relief to the ears of fans of the historical diction drama that Outlander is moving slowly towards filming following the new safety protocols amid this Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Stellar Magazine in a recent interview, Outlander star Sam Heughan, who has been seen playing the role of Jamie Fraser since 2014, said the show still relates to fans as a r -relationship between Claire, a former World War II volunteer nurse. and his sometimes defiant but thoughtful character is pure.

He said that the relationship continues to attract more fans to the show as they find it entertaining and admirable of how loyal he and Jamie are to one another.

Outlander Season 6: Update

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The star also spoke about the oft-bought topic that fans will be seeing him as the next James Bond as it’s not new news that Sam has been linked to the role of 007. The answer is how expected, yes huge as no actor in their right mind would deny it. He also humbly stated that a popular British actor is immediately proposed for the role by fans.

In Life with Kelly and Ryan, he talked about how the pandemic delayed Outlander Season 6 like any other television program but also added that they’re preparing for the next season. He himself has been trying on costumes and the whole cast and crew are adapting to the newly established protocols keeping in mind the prevailing condition. He stated that he’s excited to start working again.

In the fifth season of Outlander, we saw how Jamie and Claire’s daughter, Brianna, slowly developed her unstable relationship with Roger as the American revolutionary war was being fought on one side.

There was the happy death of Steven Bonnet, a villain who met his destiny after the crimes he committed against the Fraser family and also the heartbreaking death of fan favourite Murtagh Fitzgibbons.

The season ended with a war brewing between the Frasers and the local mayor of Brownsville, Richard Brown after a brutal gang attack. Fans are looking forward to seeing the Frasers come to terms with the unfortunate incident next season.