On March 10th at 03.01 am EST, Netflix aired all eight episodes of Outlast. During the duration of the show, the sixteen contestants were expected to survive the rough and cold conditions of the Alaskan jungle while still being part of the team.

The program uses the typical survival show format and pits 16 contestants—divided into four groups—against the rough climate of Alaska.

The survivors will take at least 45 days to reach the point where only two teams remain, far from any kind of civilization. In addition, there isn’t any public vote on the program, so each contestant chooses his own destiny.

The show has excellent reality TV energy and will undoubtedly attract a sizeable audience.

Everything you could possibly need to know about the Season 1 finale of “Outlast” is provided here.

Outlast Ending Explained: What Happened To Justin After His Exit From Team Alpha?


The final episode of the competition opens with a look at the final survivors. We have Nick, Paul, and Seth on the Team Charlie side and Jill and Amber on the Team Alpha side.

Now Justin has decided to leave Team Alpha and join Team Charlie because things there became so nasty. Justin is warmly welcomed and proud of his decision.

Jill and Justin didn’t get along well and often disagreed on how to handle situations. After Justin makes the decision to leave, he realizes how far better Charlie’s camp is than theirs.

Jill, who is upset about what happened, sends a message to Charlie Team, who is on the other side of the river. To send it, you use an arrow. Nick and Seth find the message. She claims that Justin broke into their camp, stole some of their belongings and equipment, and demolished their camp.

While this is going on, Justin is out attempting to find food with Paul. They are attempting to find something for dinner. Justin is given the message when they return to camp.

The message is not one that Charlie’s Team agrees with. They believe that Jill will only use this as one strategy amongst many to try to divide them. But Justin is truthful when he reads the message.

Justin claims that he didn’t steal any of their personal belongings or any of their equipment, aside from the hatchet, which is also in their possession; however, he admits to destroying their tarp, which was a component of Jill and Amber’s shelter.

Team Charlie gathers to speak about Justin and make a decision. Among the teams, there were certain very significant and fundamental rules, and Justin broke one of them.

Who Will Win The Outlast Competition?

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Both teams were fully defined. The final challenge, which is actually just a long walk over challenging terrain, is explained to the teams. The final destination was chosen by the production crew, and the winning squad is the first to get there.

Each team starts to plan their routes. At dawn, both teams will head out, hoping that the other team is not as fast as he’s.

It seems to take many hours to complete the course, which will serve as the team’s final physical test. At their last meal together, Nick, Paul, and Seth all reaffirm their commitment to one another.

Together, they’ve overcome every obstacle to date. The same goes for Amber and Jill, who grew quite close during the competition. Now they’ve a very strong bond, no matter what happens.

The competition begins. Charlie Team has to travel more than Alpha Team as a direct result of their respective locations. Charlie faces additional challenges, and their path includes a few water crossings.

The route taken by Alpha Team is shorter and mainly dry. But Amber and Jill make a serious mistake and choose a different path, which causes them to travel the wrong way for at least an hour.

On the other hand, Charlie, despite being wet and cold, continues to move forward. Paul, the oldest member of the group, is struggling but manages to keep going.

Charlie comes first to the destination in the end, while Alpha comes second. The boys are quite pleased with their cohesion and are aware that they’ve earned the award.

Alpha did a superb job as well, but one mistake cost them the game and, eventually, the win. In the end, Charlie’s Team mourns their victory, and Alpha mourns their defeat.

Although both teams leave the event with different personalities, Charlie only takes the money with him, and Alpha only takes their friendship.