“Pachinko” Episode 6 Release Date Sunja finds a friend in her sister-in-law Kyung Hee

Pachinko Episode 6 Release date:

Review of Pachinko episode 6. The Apple TV+ series finally introduces Hana (Lee Min-ho), and teases that Hansu is causing Sunja problems. (Minha Kim).

Pachinko’s sixth episode aired Friday. It was filled with drama and emotions. The series has been slow-burner since its first episode on Apple TV+. Episode 6 sees Pachinko pick up the pace and delivers one the most moving episodes of all time. In the sixth episode, Sunja (Minha) gives birth to her child while Pastor Isak is confronted with the horrible reality. Solomon (Jin Ha) reconciles with Hana Yamamoto (Mari Yamamoto).

Sunja and Hansu now live in the same city. Viewers are eager to see their reunion in Osaka. Hansu won’t give up on his children easily. It’ll be interesting for viewers to see if he helps Sunja behind the scenes, or causes her further problems. Solomon seems to be closer to Hana. He has threatened to kill himself if Hana is not found soon.

Pachinko: Date of release

Pachinko Episode 6 will air Friday, April 15th 2022. Pachinko Episode 6 will be titled “Chapter Six”, and it will last 53 minutes.

Pachinko Episode 5 Recap

Baek Yoseb, Sunja’s brother in law, isn’t happy about Sunja’s husband marrying Baek Isak. He claims that Sunja was more pregnant when Isak met Sunja, which doesn’t make sense. Yoseb believes Isak married Sunja due to his “idealistic tendencies.” Kyung Hee, her sister-in law, disagrees with Yoseb and sympathises strongly with Sunja. Sunja and BaekIsak could both hear their entire conversation from their bedroom and Sunja could see that they were disappointed in Sunja. Sunja and Isak both agree that it is as if Osaka doesn’t want them there. Sunja, however, is assured by Isak that she isn’t a burden and that he is grateful.

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Sunja is asked to dry the laundry after her week in Osaka. She learns that Kyung Hee had washed all the items she brought with her from Korea. Sunja is shocked as she has been trying to avoid washing the clothing since they smelt like her home. This provided some comfort for her homesick self. Kyung Hee apologizes to Sunja for not knowing everything. When Sunja asks Kyung Hee whether the sadness of losing their loved ones and birthplace ever passes, Kyung Hee can only offer an honest answer in negative and console her.

Baek Yoseb, on the other hand, is in debt to a gang Japanese thugs who live at his house while he’s not there. After some back-and-forth, Sunja promises that she will pay Yoseb the entire amount plus interest. Sunja takes the pocket watch Koh Hansu gave to her to a Pawn Shop. She negotiates a fair price (just like how little Sunja did it in past episodes). This is when Kyung Hee and Sunja form a strong bond. Yoseb is not satisfied with the woman who manages his debt.

The owner of the local pawnshop that had bought Sunja’s pocketwatch went to Hansu along with it. Hansu was concerned that Sunja might eventually sell the watch so he informed local pawn shops. Hansu said that Sunja’s pain would not end because she had married an unrealistic dreamer. The audience realizes that Hansu’s and Sunja’s relationship will not end with this moment.

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