Paddington 3: Will we see more of this lovely bear??

Is Paddington 3 going to see this adorable, innocent brown bear again? Or will it be cancelled? The fans are eager to find out the truth.

Paddington, based on the book series of Michael Bond, is a huge hit. In 2014, the first movie was released. Four years later, the sequel was released in 2018.

This is the story of Paddington, a bear who moves to London with his family and becomes part of the Brown family. All people who meet him or know him will be enchanted by his kindness and friendliness.

Many positive reviews and feedbacks have been received. IMDB rates the movie 7.3 out 10 points, while Rotten tomatoes scores it with 97% critics’ reviews and 80% audience ratings.

Many people wonder if Paddington 3 will ever happen. It seems that fans will soon hear some good news. Continue reading to learn more.

Paddington 2 Quick Recap

Paddington 3: Will we see more of this lovely bear??

Before we get to the point about Paddington 3, let us briefly recap what happened in the second movie.

Paddington 2, who lives in Windsor Gardens with the Brown family, wishes to gift Aunt Lucy a special present. However, the book’s price is prohibitive.

Then he tries to make money by working in a barbershop, although he is fired immediately.

Phoenix Buchanan, an actor famous for his portrayal of Paddington, asks him to open the Kozlova Steam fair one day. Buchanan asks Paddington what his greatest wish is. Paddington replies that he would like to gift her aunt the pop up book. Buchanan is curious about the book.

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Finally, Paddington has enough money to purchase the book. On his way to the antique shop, Paddington sees someone steal the book. He tries to capture the thief but he is gone. He is now being charged as the thief, and he ends up in prison. The innocent bear must now survive in prison while Paddington is caught by the Brown family.

The Brown family discovers that Buchanan stole the book because it contained the information needed to find a treasure. Buchanan, however, runs away.

They finally catch Buchanan after a difficult adventure and send him to prison.

Paddington drowns while trying to capture Buchanan but Mary and his friends save him from the river.

Paddington awakens three days later after the river and discovers that all his neighbors are there greeting him. Aunt Lucy also finally arrives in London. Paddington immediately hugges Aunt Lucy, and that’s it.

When will Paddington 3 become available?

Paddington 3: Will we see more of this lovely bear??

The good news is that StudioCanal, Paddington’s production company, has confirmed that Paddington 3 will be on its way in February 2021. However, production is unlikely to begin until 2022.

StudioCanal has also been reported to have worked on Paddington 3 season 3. This animated TV series of Paddington is called The Adventures of Paddington season 3.

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We can expect Paddington to be released in 2024, despite not having an official release date. Production began in 2022.

Paddington 3: The Plot

What will happen to Paddington 3?

The second movie ends the film’s story so it is unlikely that the third movie will continue the story. It seems like the third movie will come with a new and fresh adventures–considering that Paddington 1 and 2 have a very different storyline.

We don’t know the outcome yet, as the creative abilities of the creators are unpredictable. We will wait for the teaser or more hint to be able to make better guesses.

Who are the Casts of?

Paddington 3: Will we see more of this lovely bear??

It is unclear what information they have at the moment, such as the release date and the plot. However, the main characters are likely to return.

This includes Ben Whishaw playing Paddington, Sally Hawkins playing Mary Brown, Hugh Bonneville portraying Henry Brown, Madeleine Harris portraying Judy Brown and Samual Joslin portraying Jonathan Brown.

There is a good chance that other characters will also appear, as there is the possibility of new stories and adventures.

Fans will still have to wait for Paddington 3 to come out, but at least the official confirmation is there. You can still watch Paddington 3 on HBO Max (Doom Patrol), Peacock and Amazon Prime Video.

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