Pam Season 1: What To Expect

Now, the podcast about a serial murderer is a TV series. What can we expect from The Thing About Pam, the new TV series?

This American crime drama series on limited television will show us the details of Betsy Faria’s murder and the conviction of Pam Hupp. Faria’s murder led to Russ Faria being convicted. He was the one who discovered that Betsy had died after Christmas 2011. His conviction was overturned and an investigation revealed that Pam Hupp was involved.

Dateline first reported on the crime story, and in 2019, it became a podcast under the title “The Thing About Pam”. It will now be a TV series on NBC in partnership with Blumhouse Television. Jenny Klein is the showrunner. Jessika Borsiczky was initially the writer and showrunner but she left the team due to creative differences. Liz Cole will be the executive producer for NBC News Studios. Marci Wiseman and Jeremy Gold will also be executive producers.

Scott Winant will direct the show. There isn’t much information available about this TV series. Here’s what we know from all the information we have about The Thing About Pam.

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Pam Season 1: When will it be out?

The good news is that The Thing About Pam will premiere on March 8, 2022 on NBC.

It was announced in May 2021 that The Thing About Pam would be released in Autumn 2021. The release date is moved to the first quarter 2022, despite possible delays.

Deadline reports that the upcoming drama TV series will feature six episodes and straight-to-series order.

We have to wait until more hints are revealed.

Pam Season 1: What’s the Thing?

Pam Season 1: What To Expect

The Thing About Pam is a TV drama series about crime and drama that is based upon the true story of Pam Hupp, a murderer. This section contains *spoilers*. If you don’t know the true story of Pam Hupp or the murder of Betsy Faria you may want to skip it.

Pam Hupp was also sentenced to life for the murder of Louis Gumpenberger. Pam Hupp killed him in Hupp’s O’Fallon house, Missouri. Pam Hupp said that the shooting was in self-defense.

This led to Betsy Faria’s murder. She was stabbed to her death in 2011 at her Troy, Missouri home. Russ Faria was brought to trial for her husband. His conviction was overturned. In a failed attempt at framing Russ Faria, Hupp attempted to bring Gumpenberger into her home, but he was unable to do so.

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Pam Hupp was convicted of first-degree murder in July 2021 for the killing Betsy Faria.

The list goes on. Shirley Neumann, Pam Hupp’s mother, has been also investigated. In 2013, her mother, Shirley Neumann, died after falling from the balcony of her apartment on Fenton’s third floor. Police learned that Pam Hupp had killed her mother for financial reasons. Neuman’s death was initially ruled an accident. In 2017, however, the status was changed to ‘undetermined’.

We may find out more about the story of Pam Hupp once we have the trailer or complete series of The Thing About Pam.

Pam Season 1: Who will be there?

Some names have been removed from the cast list and will be appearing in The Thing About Pam.

This includes Renee Zellweger playing Pam Hupp, Josh Duhamel playing Joel Schwartz (Russ Faria’s defense lawyer), Glenn Fleshler playing Russ Faria and Katy Mixon portraying Betsy Faria.

Judy Greer plays Leah Askey, Gideon Adlon portrays Mariah Day, Sean Bridgers portrays Mark Hupp, Suanne Spike as Janet, Mac Brandt is Detective McCarrick and many others.

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