Cardi B: Paramount celebrated their latest film Assisted Living, slated to be Cardi B’s first major vehicle, with an incredibly appropriate “WAP” tie-in.

In the Cardi B design, Paramount celebrated their latest movie — with a WAP joke. The studio revealed that her first film, Assisted Living, was directed by Cardi, real name of Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar.

The rapper will play Amber, a part-time crook on the run from the law and her ex-crew. Amber disguises herself as an old woman and hides in her distant grandmother’s nursing home after a heist gone wrong.

What Cardi B has to say about the Movie

On Twitter, Paramount shared the update, honoring their star with a cheeky reference to her most recent single. In itself, the title of the track “WAP,” became a style meme, with some social media members joking that the initials stand for less obscene words.

In this tradition, Paramount proceeded with the tweet:

Cardi B

First major movie role for @IAmCardiB is WAP = Working at Paramount! We are excited!

While Cardi’s first major performance will be Assisted Living, it will not be her first film role. She previously had a well-received appearance in Lorene Scafaria’s Hustlers and will star in the upcoming ninth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise.

She’s also no stranger to unscripted entertainment, appearing on the Hustle & Flow Netflix competition show and her Facebook Live series Cardi Tries. The Grammy nominee first rose to fame on the truth series Love & Hip Hop.

Kay Oyegun Assisted Living was published by (This Is Us). They are producing Temple Hill and Stephen Love. The project does not have a producer or release date connected yet, but those specifics are sure to come soon with the studio and a big-name star secured.