Part 2 of A Quiet Place: How and where to watch from home

The sequel to horror film A Quiet Place Part 2 can now be viewed on streaming platforms at Parmount+. We can now watch the thrilling adventures of the Abbot family from the comfort of our own homes.

Paramount Pictures’ A Quiet Place Part 2 was finally screened in cinemas in May 2021, after the March 2020 release of the first movie. This followed by a 1 year delay because of the pandemic. After just one week, this film broke the record for pandemic films in box sales. A Quiet Place Part 2 can also be accessed on various streaming platforms.

John Krakinski’s A Quiet Place Part 2 tells Evelyn Abbott’s story. Emily Blunt plays Evelyn, who navigates her way through a post-apocalyptic landscape with her children. While the first film is about their adventures at home, the second focuses more on their struggle to survive in an environment with terrifying terrors.

A Quiet Place, the sequel to its original story, tells Evelyn’s story and how her children are forced to travel to unknown locations that they have not seen before. Their lives are threatened by other vicious creatures. Surprisingly, there are monsters who hunt not only by sound but also through sand tracks.

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The Abbot family continued to run to survive, eventually finding shelter in an old radio station building. They find a way to survive in a desperate situation and fight dangerous creatures.

Evelyn, full of determination and without stopping, ensures the safety of her children and the continuation of humankind. Evelyn pleads for help from Lee, her husband’s friend (played in Cillian Murphy). They both attempt to find the remaining survivors of Earth’s fractured community, and they travel through quiet streets to freedom.

Part 2 of A Quiet Place: Where to Watch

Paramount+ allows you to stream Part 2 of A Quiet Place. This is a new streaming service from CBS by Viacom. It is an extension for CBS All Access. The price offered is approximately $6 per month, or $10 per month with no advertisements.

The monthly $6 service will not be removed, but it has been reduced to a monthly $5 per month. However, this service does not allow you to stream direct TV through CBS. USA Today reports that CBS All Access subscribers will automatically be transferred to the Paramount+ subscription, which includes access to all content.

A Quiet Place Part 2 is also available via streaming services for web browsers and devices such as Apple TV or Google Play Movies.

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Part 2 of A Quiet Place: When to Watch

Part 2 of A Quiet Place: How and where to watch from home

Paramount+ will stream A Quiet Place Part 2 within 45 days of its release (28 May 2021).

Blu-ray, 4K UHD and DVD Details

Part 2 of A Quiet Place: How and where to watch from home

A Quiet Place Part 2 released its physical copy of the film on July 27, for those who want to view it or other features without internet. As a gift, the brilliant minds behind A Quiet Place Part 2 have created a packet combo 4K UHD that includes the film in 4K and Bluray 1080p.

These are just a few of the details included in the bonus feature.

  • Director’s Diary: Filming With John Krasinski
  • Removing the Curtain
  • Regan’s Journey
  • Surviving the Marina
  • Detectable disturbance: Sound design and visual effect

How can we catch up on the sequel to A Quiet Place

Part 2 of A Quiet Place: How and where to watch from home

The first film, A Quiet Place, is available to rent for $4 or purchase with the price $14 on Amazon Prime Video. You can stream the film on the platform Hulu by purchasing a Live TV Subscription for $65 per month.

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