Pennyworth Season 2 Updates: The latest trailer available for Pennyworth, Season 2 confirms its release date. The crime-drama traces the journey of Alfred Pennyworth, who is a young butler, but he was also a former British SAS Soldier. In the current scenario, he’s struggling a lot to establish his security company and work as a club bouncer to earn his living. Pennyworth gives you an insight into Alfred’s back story, which was quite unforeseen. Season 1 of Pennyworth is available on Amazon Prime Video.

A Pennyworth story

Season 1 traces Penny’s journey as he explores an alternate version of London. It is witness to the Victorian attributes mixing in the gangsters of the 50s and 60s. The first season consists of only 10 episodes, but it manages to give a powerpack performance. Pennyworth faces the crime boss, Jack the Ripper. Next, he gets involved in a government feud, where he’s introduced to several American agents such as Thomas and Martha Wayne. But, as the season concludes, it becomes evident that Pennyworth’s character was nothing like they imagined.

The release date for Pennyworth, Season 2

Pennyworth Season 2 All Details

Recently, Epix released a trailer that confirmed the release date for Pennyworth, Season2. The short trailer showcased Bannon’s perfect Cockney accent as he continued his feud with the Raven Society, with the help of Wayne. But much to the fear of the viw=ewer, they felt that the spirit of Dark Knight still haunts everybody even if there isn’t any Batman. The sequel will appear on December 13, 2020 on Epix.

Pennyworth Season 2 cast details

In addition to the old characters, 2 new characters are also introduced. One of them is a vital part of the Batman mythology. He is none aside from Lucius Fox, who is an American scientist, and will finally enter the Wayne family. Alongside him is Melanie Troy who is a military orphan, and plays Pennyworth’s partner. The old star cast includes Harriet Salter and Edward Hogg.

Plot details for Pennyworth, season 2

Pennyworth becomes a proud father figure to young Bruce. He manages to balance everything and loves Bruce very much. Pennyworth connects the dot mode before Bruce received Martha’s acknowledgment. His history of being a soldier in addition to dealing with the Government easily helps him guide Bruce efficiently.