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HB0 goop presents the second season of the series of the Spanish triumph “Perfect Life” in the United States of America on the 2nd of the month of the Gregorian calendar, fifteen times its national premiere on the nineteenth of November on Movistar and in Spain.

future season, which offers a brief explore the event of relationships and therefore the challenges of real life that the protagonist Maria and those dear, in addition to the best friends Cristina and Esther, face.

Six months after the peak of the primary season, María can be a mother, even though the family is not what she expected.

Cristina and her partner argue about the gap in their relationship. Associate in Nursingd Esther views her commitment fears as a marriage issue. They appear.

Season II is rewritten, staged, and faced Leticia Dolera in the main role, amongst her co-writer Manuel Burque as screenwriter.

the most thrilling skills in young films in Spain, every episode guide.

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Perfect Life Season 2

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