Peter Rabbit 2 Update: Sony has confirmed to the world that the domestic release of Peter Rabbit 2 will be released soon. The blockbuster has been pushed back to August 7 to coincide with the new international release date, which was moved from its original March slot to avoid disruption caused by the coronavirus.

The Sonys have decided to move their family series Peter Rabbit 2: Refugees back to the summer with the intention of disrupting the growing coronavirus epidemic, Deadline can confirm.

The move follows MGM, Eon, and Universal postponing the release of the James Bond pic No Time To Die from its first launch on April 2 to November 25, which they announced last week.

Peter Rabbit 2 Update:

Peter Rabbit 2 The Runaway
Image Source: u Media, Inc.

The highly anticipated film Peter Rabbit 2 was expected to begin its release on March 19 in Australia, March 26 in Germany, Portugal and Ukraine, and March 27 March in the UK and Ireland and Sweden, followed by extensive international tours in early April and the home bow on April 3rd. Those Days to See play during a profitable Easter vacation season in early May.

Observers received notice today that global film releases will move into the summer of 2020, and Sony has already confirmed that international releases have been extended until August 7. around the same day.

This is a late call for Sony to press the film, but it makes sense that the previous image of Peter Rabbit took $235M and $351M globally was removed from international locations, bringing strong earnings to France, Germany and Japan .

While the box offices of the United States In the United Kingdom as well, films are two important areas, which are facing a storm of the coronavirus so far, the Asian and European markets are greatly affected as the authorities try reduce the spread of the virus.

Italy, for example, finally recorded the lowest boxing weekend in history, and this week the country closed all its cinemas until at least April 3rd. weeks. Today, Austria and the Czech Republic both blocked public gatherings of more than 100 people.

Exhibitors in areas where cinemas remain open will be caught in the headlines, with two headlines now off the calendar next month. They will be hoping that Dreamworks Animation’s Trolls World Tour, which is set for April 10 to fill the slot, in addition to Disney’s Black Widow, will provide moisturizer as we head into Easter if that release sticks.