Platforming Shooter Gravity Heroes Updates: A 2D retro-styled arena shooter with a twist is Gravity Heroes you not only control the little guy with a gun, but you can even control gravity yourself.

And we can go over the walls and ceiling by adjusting the gravitational pull of the room, and even avoid incoming injury.

In the various multiplayer modes that the game has to offer, we can even have the opportunity to join the destruction of all their friends that Story Mode has the option of taking companions along to help you take on the hordes and kill the -bosses.

Survivor Mode is couch-based co-op that survives so long as we can think, and Versus Mode is precisely what it sounds like. On January 22nd, if we’re attempting to find something to shoot to waste all our Christmas dosh on, Gravity Heroes will be available to download from the eShop.

About Platforming Shooter Gravity Heroes

It’s video gaming. A fast-paced and chaotically astonishing 2D arena shooter is Gravity Heroes. It’s up to you to fight armies of robotic opponents in the midst of a war between humans and synthetics, manipulating gravity, collecting power-ups, and picking up weapons to turn the tide of battle. February 19, 2021.

So people were much more thrilled about this game and searching forward to it.

Gravity hero
Gravity hero

About the developers:

The gaming division of Studica Solution is called Electric Monkeys. They are thrilled about translating the concepts into fun and enjoyable sports.

They enjoy their work, and this helps them provide each project with a particular form. Their primary focus is on having full and inventive experiences. In the games they play, we at all times strive for consistency.

Due to the needs of their clients to address their internal IT issues, Studica Solution was developed. For many segments, they built software such as sports, and the web, and virtual reality, and also also focused on performance and programming problems.

The group founded another venture in 2016, game creation, and won their first public game contest with Gravity Heroes in Brazil. Their passion is games, they want to make new and fresh immersive worlds and tell fantastic stories.