Shortly after, the PLUTO Anime series logo appears, followed by multiple fast-paced action sequences.

The highly anticipated Anime Expo 2023 presentation revealed important details about PLUTO Anime, a Netflix Original Net Animation.

PLUTO is Naoki Urasawa’s seinen manga that reimagines Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy shonen series in a futuristic world where robots coexist with humans.

Gesicht, a German humanoid robot who works as an inspector for Europol, tries to investigate a mysterious series of robot and human deaths all over the world in the storyline.

Urasawa used the same background to create a darker and more sophisticated plot, which will now be animated by Studio M2, with production handled by GENCO and Makoto Tezuka, Osamu Tezuka’s son, managing the project. From October 26, 2023, the anime PLUTO will be accessible on Netflix.

PLUTO Anime Release Date Revealed At Anime Expo 2023 With New Trailer!

The official teaser trailer for Netflix’s PLUTO Anime, which lasts less than two minutes, gives fans a glimpse of how Urasawa’s wonderful seinen manga will be translated.

The graphics are undeniably impressive, as the trailer opens with Inspector Gesicht being notified of two murders. The murders took place in several countries, with the first victim being a Swiss robot and the second being a German man named Bernard Lanke.

As soon as “horns” were found on the two bodies, Gesicht began to suspect that the same person had committed both murders.

The Europol agent is perplexed as to how a human could bring down the strong body of Mont Blanc, the robot that became the first victim of the stream of homicides.

However, he believes that no robot can ever be held responsible because humans didn’t build robots to perform that function.

The trailer reveals other significant characters from the franchise, such as North No. 2, Atom, and Uranus. It is hinted that the distinction between people and robots is becoming more and more blurred, to the point that one can be confused with the other. In the midst of this, Gesicht wonders how far evolution can go.

In a shocking revelation, the investigator realizes that the serial killer may be a robot. Shortly after, the PLUTO Anime series logo appears, followed by multiple fast-paced action sequences.

In the closing scene of the teaser, a surprised Gesicht admits that he cannot tell the difference between a person and a robot.

The Japanese cast members of PLUTO are:


Shinshū Fuji as Gesicht

Hidenobu Kiuchi as Brando

Rikiya Koyama as Hercules

Mamoru Miyano as Epsilon

Toshihiko Seki as Pluto

Yōko Hikasa as Atom

Minor Suzuki as Uranus

Hiroki Yasumoto as Mont blanc

Kōichi Yamadera as North No.2

The series sends a message against war, emphasizing that achieving peace is the best way to end suffering amongst all parties involved.

Urasawa expects that the PLUTO anime will win people’s hearts and permit Osamu Tezuka’s message of peace to reach the entire world.