Poor Things is an upcoming film that appears to be based on the 1992 novel of the same name, with some potential deviations.

When Is The Poor Things Movie Coming? Also, Poor Things is an upcoming surrealist science fiction romantic comedy film directed by acclaimed director Yorgos Lanthimos and written by Tony McNamara.

Based on Alasdair Gray’s 1992 novel of the same name, the film engages in a fascinating narrative centered around a lady grappling with an enigmatic identity and fragmented memories.

Set in the Victorian era, the story weaves together elements of a gothic novel, drawing inspiration from Mary Shelley’s timeless classic, Frankenstein.

The film marks a reunion between Lanthimos and talented actress Emma Stone, who stars in this intriguing period piece, following their collaboration on the critically acclaimed film, The Favourite.

With its unique blend of genres and the creative team involved, Poor Things promises to be a riveting cinematic experience.

If you are keen to learn more about this highly anticipated film Poor Things, make sure to read this whole article for all the fascinating details including the release date, cast, plotline, and updates. all other related.

Poor Things Release Date: When Is It Coming?

Poor Things

Poor Things is a hotly anticipated film scheduled for an early fall release on September 8, 2023. It will be distributed theatrically nationwide by Searchlight Pictures, making sure widespread access to audiences across the United States.

This thrilling production has been given an R rating because of its inclusion of explicit sexual content, graphic violence, and disturbing themes.

Notably, two other highly anticipated films, Sister 2 from Warner Bros. and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 from Focus Features are also set to premiere in theaters the same weekend, creating a notable clash of movie offerings.

In addition, before its wide release, Poor Things is anticipated to make its debut at a prestigious film festival such as the Venice Film Festival or the Telluride Film Festival, further building the anticipation and the buzz around his next arrival.

Who Are The Major Cast Members In The Movie Poor Things?

Poor Things
Bloody Disgusting

The main cast members who will be seen portraying their roles in the upcoming sci-fi romantic comedy film Poor Things include the following:

Emma Stone will be portraying the role of Bella Baxter

Mark Ruffalo will be portraying the role of Duncan Wedderburn

Willem Dafoe will be portraying the role of Dr. Godwin Baxter

Ramy Youssef will be portraying the role of Max McCandless

Jerrod Carmichael will be portraying the role of Harry Astley

Christopher Abbott will be portraying the role of Sir Aubrey de la Pole Blessington

Margaret Qualley

Kathryn Hunter will be portraying the role of Swiney

Suzy Bemba

Wayne Brett he will be portraying the role of a Priest

Plotline Details Of The Movie Poor Things.

Poor Things
Bloody Disgusting

Poor Things is an upcoming film that appears to be based on the 1992 novel of the same name, with some potential deviations.

The plot revolves around Dr. Godwin Baxter, a brilliant scientist who brings a lady named Bella Baxter back to life by transplanting a new brain into her body.

Bella, who is now living in a new world, loves to explore everything it has to offer and thus embarks on a journey around the globe with Duncan Wedderburn.

Free from all prejudice and expectation, Bella is determined to pursue her desires, including justice, equality and freedom, all of which she discovers are challenging to attain.

Despite some differences from the novel, the trailer, and the official plot suggest that the film will remain faithful to the original wonderful and adventurous tale.

Thus, the film Poor Things promises to be a tale of an outstanding woman who is navigating a world full of wonder, danger, and the desire for a better tomorrow.

Is There A Trailer For The Movie Poor Things?

Yes, a trailer for the film Poor Things has already been released by the makers of the film. Searchlight Pictures recently released a highly anticipated teaser trailer for the upcoming film Poor Things on May 11, 2023.

The 30-second teaser features talented actress Emma Stone prominently but also shows glimpses of the rest of the cast as well. The trailer masterfully creates the intrigue surrounding the film’s plot without giving too much away.

It includes a range of creative shots, including trippy visuals and fish-eye lens perspectives, making it a fun watch in its own right.

The teaser also highlighted a fascinating performance by Emma Stone, who looks eccentric and energetic as she dances, eats, and unexpectedly slaps Mark Ruffalo across the face, adding an additional layer of intrigue to the trailer.

Overall, the teaser leaves audiences eagerly anticipating the release of the full-length trailer and the film itself. You can watch the Poor Things trailer right above.